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A Brief History of the Internal Combustion Engine

Page discussion for A Brief History of the Internal Combustion Engine
Brayton's contributions2016/07/23 09:16 by John
The Brayton engine has 4 distinct cycles, intake, compression, expansion, and exhaust. however it performs all 4 cycles in one revolution making it a 2 stroke engine. Otto obtained and studied the Brayton and no doubt used some of the principals of it's operation. Also Clerks first engine was a Brayton which in 1878 he converted to an explosion engine by adding a spark plug. Also Diesel studied the Brayton and Diesel's engine was very similar to the Brayton with the exception of high compression for ignition. Brayton engines were some of the first engine which had a high enough power density that they were useful for motive power. In the 1870's Brayton engines were successfully installed in boats, 2 submarines,a rail car, and a bus.

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