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Early History of Radial Arm Saws

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Raymond De Walt's Radial Arm Saw

In 1925 Raymond De Walt patented a direct-drive radial arm saw. As we have seen, the radial arm concept was not new, but putting a direct-drive motor in a yoke attached to a radial arm was.

Drawing from De Walt's 1925 patent

Drawing from De Walt's 1925 patent

A first-generation DeWalt saw

A first-generation DeWalt saw

De Walt's follow-up patents

Link to DeWalt Products Co. page

Other early patents

The Marketplace of Radial Arms and Alternatives

Machine types: belt drive, direct drive, moving carriage, moving arm, combination machines

Commercial overview up to 1980 or so: DeWalt, Delta, Walker-Turner, Poitras, Comet, Gilson, Wilson, etc. See

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