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Restoration of the 36" bandsaw2009/10/28 22:33 by mythosdk
Really appreciate the beautiful restoration saga of the 36 inch bandsaw. I had one like that but traded it to my brother for a little unmarked 14 inch with the same style babbits etc. Have used it for 20 years and now will endeavor to 'restore' it...right after this next couple jobs. Great machines. Apprecite too the babbit information. Close to what the old timer told me when I bought his old 36.
Unisaw motor "jumps", hard start2010/12/06 22:53 by marktanzi
Hi All, This is my first post...I am excited to have found this site.

I own a Delta Unisaw, circa 1990. Since I purchased the machine, the motor will frequently start "hard", with a pronounced jolt or bang. This happens app. 50% of the time...the other times, it will start as smoothly as butter.

I have contacted Delta tech on this, and even had the Delta rep to my success.

The motor is wired 220V, single phase...electrical panel is voltage drop...dedicated circuit.

Does anyone know why this motor starts very hard half the time, and very smoothly the other half??

Help please.

Thanks. mark
Re: Unisaw motor "jumps", hard start2011/04/07 09:36 by CVW2
Somewhere here in "wiki" I remember a post on cleaning your magnetic switch. It may not be your motor at all, start with the cheapest, most simple stuff.


1928 saw 2011/03/24 10:30 by it is me
tring to find out what a 1928 table saw sells fos almost in mint condtion
rockwell delta homecraft 2011/09/08 10:12 by wmack
Hi , I have 2 units (rockwell delta homecraft) 1 has a table saw (serial# as710 & jointer serial# as1966

The other unit is a drill press - serial # as3216 , scroll saw # bg6658 , disc sander # hds101(not sure on this #-couldn't find anything else)

table saw unit has a 3/4 hp motor drill press has a 1/2 hp motor

All in really good shape & in working order - i think from 1948 to 1952

The units were my grandfathers & i'm trying to figure out what each unit might be worth

Can someone help me

Thanks , Bill
12" parks planer 2012/06/29 21:37 by jim baker
I recently bought a Parks planer and want to replace gearbox  bushings. I noticed quite alot of info and photos about them on this site. The busing part #s are (A-7, A-13, A-16, A-18 (2 pcs).

   I would like to see if anyone has the ID OD and length dimensions so that I can price these locally to compare against tthe prices I got from DC Morrison.

Old Craftsman 6i jointer2012/10/27 19:40 by Floyd Hall
Hi all. This my first post. I've been looking for a jointer and have always been partial to vintage things (I own two vintage open back banjos). Anyway, this weekend I went down to look at an old Craftsman jointer. It belongs to a widow who lost her husband several years ago and is just now ready to start selling his tools. She owns an old 6i Craftman jointer, Model No. 102.05600 (she has the original owner's manual), and a similar 8i benchtop table saw. Both are beautiful-looking tools in excellent condition. However, when I tried the jointer, the piece jumped around a lot and the cut was not particularly smooth. I should note the jointer is attached to the 'original' GE 3/4 motor via a long belt. I told her that while I loved the tool, I wasn't sure it could do the type of work I wanted it to do, which is making cabinets with poplar, cherry, oak, etc., but that I would look into it. My question is whether this tool can be tuned up for a reasonable price be used as a regular shop tool (i.e., can I put a new motor, ball bearings, blades, etc., it and use it like I would any other tool). If not, how can I advise her on what she should do with these two tools. They are really beautiful pieces of machinery and I'm not interested in buying low and reselling high. She says her husband bought the tools new sometime right after they were married in the 1950s. The color is dark blue and, like I said, they are in pretty good condition. I told her I would get back to her.

Magna 11" Band Saw Model 6302013/02/01 15:42 by Dave A.
Does anyone have an owner's manual for a 1956 or 1957 Magna 11" band saw? According to Shopshmith customer service the machine was manufactured in one of those years. The serial number is 22296 and the machine badge reads:


The band saw is missing the miter gauge and has a small (~1" long) crack in the top part of the plastic housing. Any recommendations regarding where to purchase a miter gauge and how to repair the housing (e.g., J-B Weld) would be appreciated. I was unable to find any information or documentation about this band saw on this website. Any assistance from anybody out there would be greatly apprecited.
Powermatic Sander - Model 302013/04/01 23:49 by Jopower
The serial number files at for Powermatic Sander - Model 30 need to be amended. A friend has a model 30 whose number type is not listed in the SN table: 66-6207-3 By other various numbers in the tables I can infer that he has a 1966 model 30. There is also a simple stamped number plate near the build plate with "18103" on it. May not be an OEM plate.

What does the "-3" indicate? There are not hints anywhere about suffix numbers.

I can provide pictures to confirm my info but this editor has no way to add one. Your "Insert a picture in this page" icon does not link to a upload option from my PC.

Champion Blower & Forge Co. No. 1 (Blower) Does anyone know about these.2013/12/03 18:30 by Rockymountain
I have a Champion Blower & Forge Co. Blower. It is marked with a no. 1 , I have found a no. 4 on ebay ,however I can not find anything on the no.1's, No serial number or date. I would appreciate any info. you could share with me. Date, value ect. Any history or where I could research it and if the no.1 has a meaning. I have several photos but cannot figure out how to attach to this page. Thanks for any help. 

Craftsman / Parks planer2014/01/21 11:41 by stephen
I have inherited a Craftsman Planer and have sinced learned that it is a Parks. Durring the move from my father inlaws shop to mine the planer took a drop, and I broke the outgoing rollers bearrings and bent the shaft on the outgoing roller. I have disassembled the michine and order my parts from D.C Morrison here in Kentucky and am waiting for the arrival of these parts My question to you guys is how do I set this machine back up after the rebuild I plan to clean and paint while I have it disassembled. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you Stephen Stites
Re: Craftsman / Parks planer2016/09/22 22:01 by Tim Reid
Take pictures and catalogue everything. Zip lock and label everything that you can. Clean everything with a degreasing cleaner. It helps to have a parts cleaner tub with powered fluid pump. I am working on mine right now and I am using a Rustoleum hammered blue with great results. I know it is not OE but I am rebuilding it to use and I wanted it to look good also.
Parks / Craftsman planer2014/12/27 19:11 by gmcazul
I just bought a Craftsman / Parks top roller planer, I saw the video on how to set blades ( gauges and such) I have no shop or abaliaty to build those gauges. Is there not a simple way to set blades? Perhaps a block say 1/32 on planer bed then set blades to that block? any help/ insight would be great. just getting in to wood working and want to use planer to make wood floors for my house out of reclaimed hardwood timbers, I love this machine it is a great piece would hold it up to any of the new stuff on the market these days thanks again Chip
tablesaw top2016/02/26 22:31 by Ron
Any suggestions on cleaning or polishing my table top for my Rockwell 34-350 ser#1386679? I don't have any rust just dirty and a little gummy from paste wax. Just want it to be a little on the shinny side and smoother when cutting material.


Thanks, Ron

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