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by Bill Nance


The Parks 95 12" planer, as described on other pages within this wiki, is a well-respected vintage planer, manufactured across several decades by Parks Woodworking Machine Company, with a fairly consistent design throughout its history. This page provides an index of parts for a Parks Model 95 planer, including photographs and dimensions where available.

The original entry data and photographs are drawn from a restoration of machine #5401-, which is believed to have been manufactured in the early 1940s. The parts numbers are mapped to the exploded parts diagram and parts list from the 1949 Operating Instructions and Parts List for Parks 12" Thickness Planer found in the OWWM Publication Reprints. Missing parts or photos were kindly provided by Doug Rewerts, resident OWWM Parks guru. Wiki contributors are encouraged to edit/replace with individual parts as available/appropriate, but are also requested asked to please indicate in the table's comments section any information that references a different operating manual.

Parks Model 95 Parts Index

Part#Part Name (click part for photo)DimensionsQtyComments
A1Gear Box (Casting Only)-1"Three hump" cast iron model
A2Shaft Collar.75"ID, 1.25"OD3
A3Hollow Head Set Screw3/16 head, 3/8x3/8??3/8 16 thread
A412 Tooth Sprocket.75"ID, 1.375"OD22.25" exterior sprocket diameter
A5Shaft Spacer0.18" wide1
A688 Tooth Gear, Slotted Hub-1.75"ID
A7Throw Out Sleeve Bearing.75"ID1
A8Throw Out Sleeve.75"ID, 1.125"OD1Sheeve: 1 5/32" inner diameter, 2" outer diameter
A9Eccentric Bracket Studs1"21/4 20 threads
A10Eccentric Bracket-1
A11Throw Out Handle~8"1curved handle version
A12Throw Out Eccentricsee comments1main: 2.125" x .75"OD, flange: 1"OD, stud: .375" x .50"OD
A13-20Lower Gear Shaft Bearing.75"ID1part of gear shaft assembly
A13Lower Gear Shaft Bearing-
A1488 Tooth Gear, Plain Hub.75"ID1
A15Short Gear Shaft.50"OD and .75"OD1early style
A15Short Gear Shaft-1later style
A16Gear Shaft Bearing.50"ID1
A1720 Tooth Gear1.0"OD, .50"ID31.375" external tooth diameter
A18Gear Shaft Bearing.75"ID2
A19Long Gear Shaft.50"OD and .75"OD1
A20128 Tooth Gear .75"ID1
A21Gear Box Cover10" x 4"1
A22Gear Box Cover Studs.75"21/4 20 threads
A23Smooth Feed Roll24" (??)1need dimensions of various segments
A24Felt Washer.75"OD1original entry machine has bearing cap gaskets, no washer
A25Head Shaft Sleeve1.375" long1.75"ID, need OD
A26Head Ball Bearing #3204.75"ID2need bearing specs for replacements
A27Head Shaft Spacer1
A28Head with Shaft24" long1need dimensions of various segments
A29Hollow Head Set Screw-1v-pulley on original entry machine not factory
A30Fluted Feed Roll22" long1need dimensions of various segments
A31Hollow Head Set Screw1/2" head15gib screws for cutterhead
A3212" Chip Breaker12" x 3/4" x 1/4"3
A3312" HSS Knives12" x 7/8" x 1/8"3someone please confirm
A34Complete Roller Chain-1
A35Connecting Link for Chain-1
A36Pressure Bar-1
A37Hood Stud-2
A38Shaving Hood-1View of Top
A38Shaving Hood-1View of Bottom
A39Lock Nut for Hood-1
A40Adjusting Stud for Hood1.25"11/4 20 threads
A41Table Roller12" x 1"OD1
A42Table Roller Bearing1.625" x .75" x .50"1
A44Table Gib4" x 1" x .125"2
A45Lock Nut for Table Gib-6
A46Lock Nut Stud1"61/4 20 threads, slotted head
A47Table Roller Adjusting Stud1.375"11/4 20 threads
A48Lock Nut for Table Roller-1
A493/8" Hex Nut 1" Long1"6part of roller bearing stud assembly
A50Spring Collar-6
A51Compression Spring-6
A52Roll Bearing Stud-4part of roller bearing stud assembly
A53Pressure Bar Stud-2part of pressure bar stud assembly
A54Smooth Feed Roll Bearing-2specify right or left
A55Stud Collar-2part of pressure bar stud assembly
A56Fluted Feed Roll Bearing-2specify right or left
A57Bearing Cap Stud1"25/16 18 threads
A58Bearing Cap-2specify left or right
A59Left Side Casting--
A60Right Side Casting-1
A61Base19.5" x 14.5"1aluminum version, style #3
A62Elevating Shaft20" long, .625" shaft1
A63Shaft Collar5/8"ID4
A64Bevel Gear L102-4
A65Elevating Screw-2specify left or right
Elevating Shaft Assembly-1included to show parts orientation
A66Column Tie Rod16" long, .75" shaft2
A67Hand Wheel and Handle.625"ID1Top View
A67Hand Wheel and Handle.625"ID1Bottom View
A68Depth Indicator-1bent wire style
A69Depth Scale4" scale1
A701/4" oiler4installed on roll bearings
A71Half Moon Key-1for smooth feed roll shaft, under throw out sleeve
A723" v-pulley.75"ID1original entry machine shows smaller replacement pulley
A73Jam Nut 5/16" thick5/16" thick2for pressure bar mount
A74Jam Nut 3/16" thick3/16" thick6for roll bearing and pressure bar studs
A75Hex Head Bolts1.75"41/2 13 threads, for side casting mount on base
A76Hex Nuts 1/2"x5/16"x7/8"-11/2 13 threads, for side casting mount on base
A77Alemite Fitting-1grease zerks for bearing caps
naDrain Plug-1
naParks Machine Tag3"x2"1

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