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Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co.

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This serial number data is from the Serial Number Reference Book for Metalworking Machinery (1959 edition).

Serial No.TypeMachine DescriptionDate
4540Power Hack Saws#4B Hack SawDec 1935
42320Power Hack Saws#4B Hack SawDec 1947
6419Power Hack Saws#6 & 6A Hack SawsDec 1935
8071Power Hack Saws#6 & 6A Hack SawsDec 1947
9278Power Hack Saws#9 & 9A Hack SawsDec 1935
11871Power Hack Saws#9 & 9A Hack SawsDec 1947
454180Power Hack Saws#18 Hack Saw*Dec 1947
24009Power Hack Saws#24 Hack SawDec 1947
8407Power Hack Saws#8 Hack SawDec 1927
8676Power Hack Saws#8 Hack SawDec 1929
8898Power Hack Saws#8 Hack SawDec 1935
83090Power Hack Saws#8 Hack SawDec 1947


Number 18 Hack Saw production started in 1936.

Numbers 1 & 2 Hack Saws were not numbered.

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