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Bandsaw Blade Lengths

Modified on 2016/08/03 14:39 by Jeff Joslin Categorized as Bandsaws, Maintenance
Compiled by Bob Secord based on an forum discussion.

Other information sources (check these if you do not find your saw listed below):

BrandModelWheel SizeBlade Length in InchesComments
American Sawmill Machinery Co. 1281 
American Sawmill Machinery Co. 20125 
American Sawmill Machinery Co. 36219 
Aspen Manufacturing Co.T6760-161057Use only 1/4" blades
Aspen Manufacturing Co.T67601070Use only 1/4" blades
Aspen Manufacturing Co.T67651070Use only 1/4" blades
Atlas Press Co.Power King 9121283 
Atlas Press Co.Workshop 93601070 1/2 
B.E. Jarvis Inc. 1274 
B.E. Jarvis Inc. 16102 
Callander Foundry (Beaver)330014100 
Heston & AndersonBlue Star1278 
Boice Crane Co. 1277 1/2 
Boice Crane Co. 1490 
Boice Crane Co.23001498 
Boice Crane Co.23041498 
Brodhead Garrett J-Line 20"20148 
Comet14-63 77 
Henry Power Tools Ltd.Craftmaster1277 1/2 
Crescent Machine Co.B20M20135 
Crescent Machine Co.Angle36228 
Crescent Machine Co.Angle40254 
Crescent Machine Co.Junior / Light 2020130 
Crescent Machine Co. 26165 
Crescent Machine Co. 32196 
Crescent Machine Co. 36222 
Crescent Machine Co. 38244 
Crescent Machine Co.Early Version20121Plus or minus 2"
Crescent Machine Co.Light 20201281943 Catalog
Crescent Machine Co.Heavy 20201351948 Catalog
Crescent Machine Co.Delta/Rockwell 28-35020141Max width=1"
Crescent Machine Co.Rockwell -High Neck362441953 High Neck Version
Crescent Machine Co.Heavy 2020135 
Darra James Corp. / ToolKraft Corp. Darra James 5959.560 
Davis & Wells 1491 
Davis & Wells 20140 
Delta Manufacturing Co.7851066or 66 1/2"
Delta Manufacturing Co.7681074 
Delta Manufacturing Co.1278 
Delta Manufacturing Co. 1493Up to 93 1/2
Delta Manufacturing Co.w/Riser Block14105 
Delta Manufacturing Co.No. 2020141 
Delta Manufacturing Co.Homecraft1071 3/8 
Delta/RockwellCrescent 28-35020141Max Width=1"
Delta/RockwellCrescent/High Neck362441953 High Neck Version
Delta/Rockwell28-100 71 3/4 
DeWalt Products Co.440 83 
Duro Metal Products Co. 9.560Some reported 59.5
Duro Metal Products Co. 12.578 
Duro Metal Products Co. 1595Max width 1/2"
Duro Metal Products Co. 15103 1/2 
Duro Metal Products Co.A-30271068 
Duro Metal Products Co.K-302112.578 
Duro Metal Products Co. 1595 
Duro Metal Products Co. 16111 
Duro Metal Products Co.D-3022 D-302275 104 
J. A. Fay & Egan Co.55720138 
J. A. Fay & Egan Co.95030207 
J. A. Fay & Egan Co. 36246 
J. A. Fay & Egan Co. 30207 
J. A. Fay & Egan Co. 33195 
J. A. Fay & Egan Co. 36220 
General Manufacturing Co.1901598 1/43/16 to 3/4 inch blades
General Manufacturing Co.290/490/590151003/16 to 1 inch blades
General Manufacturing Co.390201483/16 to 1 inch blades
Hall & Brown Wood Working Machine Co.18530197197" To 209"
Herberts Machinery Co. 956 1/4 
Herberts Machinery Co.WoodWizard 312H1279312-H-BallBearing
Heston & AndersonBlue Star Label1278 
Heston & Anderson#11486 
Heston & Anderson#501490 
Heston & Anderson 14100Plus or minus 1"
Heston & Anderson#1414101 
Jones Superior Machine Co. 36228As Marked on Door of Machine
Jones Superior Machine Co. 1277 1/2 
Jones Superior Machine Co. 15111 
Jones Superior Machine Co. 854 
Jones Superior Machine Co. 1277 1/2 
McGraw-Edison Co.T6760-161057Use only 1/4" blades
McGraw-Edison Co.T67601070Use only 1/4" blades
McGraw-Edison Co.T67651070Use only 1/4" blades
Moak Machine & Foundry Co. 20133 
Moak Machine & Foundry Co. 26169 
Moak Machine & Foundry Co. 26170170 to 175 Inches
Moak Machine & Foundry Co. 32202 
Moak Machine & Foundry Co. 36233 
Monarch#61 168 
Monarch#38 222 
Montgomery Ward (Powr-Kraft)84C2325MO960 
Montgomery Ward (Powr-Kraft) 1278 
Montgomery Ward (Powr-Kraft)84C2328F 94 
Montgomery Ward (Powr-Kraft)94FD231412.578Max width 1/2"
Montgomery Ward (Powr_Kraft)94FD231412.577 1/2 
Montgomery Ward (Powr-Kraft)Sprunger Built, NJ- or TSV-1494 
Montgomery Ward (Powr-Kraft) 16111 
Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. 20140 
Northfield Foundry & Machine Co.w/ 6 inch riser20152 
Oliver Machinery Co.217d30192Circa March 1972
Oliver Machinery Co.#1636228 
Oliver Machinery Co.#19218116 
Oliver Machinery Co,#21730191 
Oliver Machinery Co,#11636234 
Oliver Machinery Co,#11638240 
Parks Woodworking Machinery Co. 18132Also sold as Craftsman 112.23580
Parks Woodworking Machinery Co. 1277 1/2 
Parks Woodworking Machinery Co. 1490 
Parks Woodworking Machinery Co. 16114 3/4 
Power King Tool Corp. 849 1/2 
Power King Tool Corp. 1277 1/2 
Power King Tool Corp.3 Wheel 65 
Powermatic Machine Co.143-021496 
Powermatic Machine Co.141-01149695" or 96"
Powermatic Machine Co.PM8120151 
Powermatic Machine Co.PM81 Extra Tall Version20175 
Sears, Roebuck (Companion)102.1063Built by Walker-Turner Co.
Sears, Roebuck 658 
Sears, Roebuck 1278 
Sears, Roebuck 16114 3/4 
Sears, Roebuck2428 80 
Sears, Roebuck2377 132 
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)101.011280Built by Atlas Press Co.
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)103 Series1280 
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)112.2418132Built by Parks Woodworking Machine Co.
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99G2455L 62 
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99G2426L 80 
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99PM5831279 1/2'35 catalog; maker uncertain; ball bearings
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99PM5491277'36 catalog; maker uncertain; bronze bearings
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99P4671277'35 catalog; maker Walker-Turner; hinged covers
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99PM23041277'36 catalog; maker Walker-Turner; hinged covers
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99PM23041277'37 catalog; maker Walker-Turner; hinged/knob covers
Sears, Roebuck (Craftsman)cat. no. 99PM23041278'38 catalog; maker Walker-Turner; knob cover attachment
Shopmaster, Inc.SB2001278 
Shopmaster, Inc.SB1400 63 
Shopmaster, Inc.5B200 78 
Sidney Tool Co. 27171 
Sprunger Brothers, Inc. 1072 
Sprunger Brothers, Inc.Power Kraft1494 
Sprunger Brothers, Inc.CS-800 67 
Superior 20136 
Superior 30192 
Superior 36234 
Tannewitz WorksE24163 
Tannewitz Works 24186Italian Made
Tannewitz WorksGH3030204 
Tannewitz WorksP3.PHE,P1,P1E30204 
Tannewitz WorksG3,GH,GHE,G1,G1E36237GH takes 234" nominal, 237" maximum
Tannewitz WorksGHN,GHNE36244 
Tannewitz WorksRH,RHE,R1,R1E42264 
Tannewitz WorksRHN, RHNE42275 
Tomlee Tool & Engineering Co. 1064 
ToolKraft Corp.385C9.560See also Montgomery Ward and Darra James
Walker-Turner Co. 1063 
Walker-Turner Co.BN5601066 
Walker-Turner Co.BN7251278Sold under Craftsman; 76"-78"
Walker-Turner Co.BN7301278Sold under Craftsman, 76"-78"
Walker-Turner Co.BN905 & MBN9351496 5/8 
Walker-Turner Co.BN135 & MBN110516114 3/4 
Walker-Turner Co.BN112516114 3/4Pre 1939
J. D. Wallace Co. 1491 
J. D. Wallace Co. 16108 
Yates-American Machine Co. 1492 
Yates-American Machine Co.W-141493 1/2 
Yates-American Machine Co.W-1616101 
Yates-American Machine Co.1616111 
Yates-American Machine Co.Y3030202Plus or minus 4"
Yates-American Machine Co. 30206 
Yates-American Machine Co. 36240 
Yates-American Machine Co.J114 90 
Yates-American Machine Co.J-120 144Up to 148 - 143" won't fit

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