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Buying and Selling Machinery and Machine Parts

Modified on 2012/01/03 13:38 by Joel Havens Categorized as FAQ does not provide support or parts for any machines on this site, nor do we represent any manufacturer listed on this site in any way. Please do not contact us about obtaining parts or manuals. If it is not on this site, we do not have it.

      One way is to advertise them on your local buy-and-sell website. and are the two biggest.

      Another way is to register at the Old Woodworking Machines forum website, and then post an ad there. Actually, it's not quite that fast. You have to register, then, once you registration is approved you carefully read the rules and then you post your ad. The ad won't appear immediately because it first gets checked for conformance to the rules. Once the ad appears, it will be seen by hundreds of people who are specifically interested in machines like yours.

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