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Charles Napier

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MR. CHARLES NAPIER, President of the Napier Saw Works, Inc., was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, January 15, 1872. He attended the Public Schools near there until 12 years of age, when he began to work on a farm.

At 18 years of age he worked in a wholesale grocery, and stayed there until he came to America two years later. When he arrived here he got a job with the Eastman Kodak Co., where he worked for seven years.

About 1897 he left there and went into business for himself, making extension ladders. Six months later he sold the patent rights for these, and in March, 1898, he started making hack saw blades as Napier & Long, Rochester,N. Y. Mr. Long dropped out shortly afterwards and Mr. Napier continued the business as the Napier Saw Works.

Five years later he became associated with Edward S. Bradford, in the manufacture of blades in Springfield, as the Massachusetts Saw Works. This connection was discontinued in 1906, at which time Mr. Napier started the business, which is now known as the Napier Saw Works, Inc., successor to the Quality Saw & Tool Works. He is now president of this concern.

Mr. Napier is a Third Degree Mason, and there are two things that he likes to do— play billiards, and try to persuade everybody that his one ambition in life is to make his product live up to its name, "Quality."

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