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Crescent Jointer Guards

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Crescent Jointer Guards

Type 1 - Introduced in 1910

Excerpt from the 1910 Crescent Catalog

This new Jointer Guard is now furnished regularly on every Crescent Jointer, without additional charge. Other jointer guards have to be unbolted from machine to clear the top of jointer, and when once removed, are usually neglected, and not replaced. But the Crescent guard is radically different in this respect. It can be folded down against side of machine in an instant, leaving table clear; and can in an instant be brought up to working position again. No wrench or tools of any kind required for changing from one position to another; simply lift the latch, then hinge the guard around till it clears the edge of table, then hinge down against side of machine, where it will be entirely out of the way. To replace into position, the operation is simply reversed, when the latch will snap into place. by means of a spring. To change from one position to another takes less than five seconds time; and may be done while machine is in motion, as the guard has clearance along its front edge, and can not get into the knives. When in position it covers all of the unused portion of the head, by a sliding cover, held in place by a thumb screw.

A guard of this kind is a good thing for the workman, as it reduces the danger of mutilated hands. It is equally beneficial to the proprietor, in that it protects his interests by decreasing accident, and also decreases his liability in case of accident. A jointer equipped with one of these guards, and with a Crescent Safety Head becomes as safe a machine as is possible to construct, for doing the work that a' jointer is required to do. For a person to get hurt on a machine of this kind, there seems to be no excuse—only carelessness.

As above stated, this guard will be included free of charge on all Crescent Jointers sold hereafter, and need not be mentioned in the order. The guard will be sold separately, at a moderate price, for Crescent Jointers now in use; in ordering it is only necessary to mention size of jointer. Can be attached by drilling and tapping two holes in side of machine. The guard will also be sold to fit jointers of other makes. A diagram blank for marking in the. necessary measurements will be furnished on application.

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