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Delta 6x48 Sander Miscellaneous

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Additional Detail Pictures

These details show various problems one can encounter when buying a used sander
belt sander body details.

Table and inside groove:

Lower sanding cut:

Tightening Screw Repair

By Bob Vaughan
Delta 6x48 31-730 sander repair details(16 pictures)

Another problem point is that the end of the tightening screw wears where the threads rest against a shoulder in the casting. This causes the end to stick up above the bed and becomes a nuisance.

The shoulder in question inside the casting

Typical of any sander disassembly

The bad shoulder

Turning the shoulder down a bit. Also, the end was turned back that amount and a little taken off the housing shown two photos up.

All Better

Fabricating Tensioner Parts

By Jeff Miller
My $200.00 Delta sander pictuers

I brought home a sander with the spring and sleeve missing from the belt tensioning mechanism.

I studied the parts breakdown pic., bought some springs (TSC) used some 1" square tubing welded some small ears on the end that pulls on the dog to push up on the idler, welded a piece on the other end and drilled a 1\2" hole in it found a square 7\16" nut. I gussed on the length of tubing and length of springs. I have a new 7\16" rod I am going to thread yet but wanted to make sure it would work first. And it works really well. Total cost $11.00


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