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Foundry Sources

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From time to time, the question comes up as to foundries that will produce one-off castings for the restoration of old woodworking machinery.

As to what kind of pattern to send the foundry, it is best to contact the individual business and discuss it with them in person. However, in many cases, an actual existing part can be used. Again, it is best to discuss this with the foundry on a case by case situation.

The following is a list of foundries that OWWM members have used in the past and have had good luck with:

Cattail Foundry

Cattail is a Amish ran foundry that runs as a sideline business to their farming operations. The specialize in gray iron and aluminum castings for steam hobbyist but will be glad to make OWWM parts as well. Since they are Amish, contacting them electronically or even by phones can be complicated. They do have a phone number that will allow you to leave a message and they will call you back, but don't expect anybody to actually answer (it is worth calling just to listen to the recording on the answering machine!) Most OWWM'ers will simply box up the part or pattern they need to have reproduced and mail it to them. Typically, six to eight weeks later, you will get your pattern and new castings back in a box with an invoice. They do excellent work and are very reasonable in price.

Cattail Foundry
Emanuel J. King
167 W. Cattail Road
Gordonville, PA 17529
(717) 768-7323

Northland Castings

Another small foundry that will do one-off castings for OWWM'ers. They also do fine work at a reasonable price. Visit their web page at:

Northland Castings
4130 W Tyler Road
PO Box 472
Hart MI 49420
phone (231)873-4974
fax (231) 873-8115

Trumbull Metal Specialties

Recommended by a OWWM Member. According to a post on the OWWM Forums, "they can cast Iron,stainless, aluminum, and brass. The owner is very easy to work with and likes doing this kind of stuff. They put out a good casting and pricing is fair and somewhat negotiable." Visit their web page at:

643 Henry Street
Niles, OH 44446
Phone: 330/349-4505
Fax: 330/349-4507

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