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Furnas Mag Starter Control Cleaning

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Author: Robert M. Vaughan

Originally Posted on December 27, 2007 {Reference:|}

Here's a sequence of shots showing what's involved cleaning the contacts on a Furnas magnetic starter control. Many of the old Delta machines had this same control mechanism. This is what one needs to do if the machine won't start, or won't stay running and all other components are tested to be good.

Remove the switch bracket, then using a #1 phillips, remove the screw holding the switch to the bracket

Switch is now free from the bracket

First step to taking apart the switch is to get a #1 phillips and remove the three screws. (sorry for the blurry pic).

With the screws removed, turn the switch over and observe the pieces of electrical tape covering the spring mechanisms

Peel the tape back to expose the springs

With a probe, remove the springs by levering up where they sit against the back of the switch.

Remove all four terminal screws and terminal clamps, holding the switch together or it will fall apart.

Lay the switch down and lift off the top. Make notes on how things go or take pictures, though things will only go together one way, for the most part.

Remove the components and observe the contact points. Clean these and polish with 400 grit or better sandpaper. These contacts are rather clean.

After the contact points have been cleaned, re-assemble components and set the top gently down aligning as you go.

Re-install center screw holding the halves together. Do only one in case you've got to take things apart again.

Install the springs. Be careful here, or do this job inside a plastic bag.

together now and needing the two outside screws.

Shot of springs installed correctly

Re-install tape or cut new pieces and put them on.

Put the terminals back on. A split point screwdriver is great for getting the screws started where they should go.

All better

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