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Jointer and Planer Knife Sharpening Services

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Charles McGough
2520 Old Haile Road
Sterlington, Louisiana 71280
(318) 726-4324

Charles is a member of OWWM and is set up to sharpen knives up to 24" long. He runs a professional service to local cabinet shops. Charles says: "I sharpen carbide saw blades, Shaper cutters, router bits, and drill bits as well as chain saw blades, lawnmower blades. and almost anything except clipper blades. I am capable of sharpening end mill, milling cutters and spiral router bits but I chose not to do these because of the profit margin."

Jamison's Sharpening, Inc.
5630 Grandin RD EXT
Roanoke, VA 24018
(540) 989-2744 TEL

Recommended by Bob Vaughan. They have a machine that can sharpen pretty much any length of knife you can throw their way. In addition to planer and jointer knives, they can also do saw blades (including replacing carbide), shaper cutters, router bits, drill bits, boring tools, hand saws, and even tenoner heads.

Dynamic Knife and Saw
250 E Ge Patterson Ave
Memphis, TN 38126
(901) 526-0301

His regular grinder is 6' long and his big one is nearly 20'. He also welds bandsaw blades. The proprietor is Tom Overzet.

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