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Jointer and Planer Knife Sharpening Services

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Jamison's Sharpening, Inc.
5630 Grandin RD EXT
Roanoke, VA 24018
(540) 989-2744 TEL

Jamison's is recommended by Bob Vaughan. They have a machine that can sharpen pretty much any length of knife you can throw their way. In addition to planer and jointer knives, they can also do saw blades (including replacing carbide), shaper cutters, router bits, drill bits, boring tools, hand saws, and even tenoner heads.

Dynamic Knife and Saw
250 E Ge Patterson Ave
Memphis, TN 38126
(901) 526-0301

Dynamic Knife and Saw is operated by Tom Overzet. His regular grinder is 6' long and his big one is nearly 20'. He also welds bandsaw blades.

Woodworkers' Tool Works
N4299 Lien Road
Melrose, WI 54642
Toll-free: 1-800-475-9991 Phone: (715) 662-2015 Fax: (715) 662-5801 website

Woodworkers' Tool Works is owned by Bobby Knourek, who is a regular contributor in the forums (under the name sax13). WTW does sharpening in-house and can handle not just jointer and planer knifes, but can make and sharpen shaper heads, sharpen circular saws, mortiser chisels, and much more. They can provide advice over the phone and you can ship your knives to them for sharpening.

J. D. Lacourse & Son
260 Middle St.
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Toll-free: 1-866-96-SHARP Phone: (401) 725-2920 Fax: (401) 728-2144
J. D. Lacourse & Son website

Pickup and delivery service within 50 mile radius, or can use a shipping service. Sharpening offered for carbide saws, router bits, jointer and planer knives, shaper cutters, etc.

Peter Hay Knife
351 Sheldon Drive
Cambridge, ON, N1T 1B1
(519) 621-0770 Peter Hay Knife website

Peter Hay Knife has been in business for over a century but their facilities are thoroughly modern, with CNC machining services at the forefront of their current business. Geared mostly toward industrial customers, they make custom knives and cutters and also offer sharpening services to all of Ontario.

Galt Wood Tool
120 Turnbull Court, Unit N
Cambridge ON N1T 1H9
Toll-free: 1-888-830-8209 Phone: (519) 623-6350 Fax: (519) 622-4322

Galt Wood Tool has also been in business over a century, supplying all types of wood cutting tools. They can sharpen your jointer and planer knives (carbide or HSS) and also offer retipping and CNC sharpening of circular saw blades. They can also sharpen carbide-tipped and solid carbide router bits.

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