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The K2200 is a redesign of the K-Line model K2100 planer. Richard Kneisley's design for the earlier model is an elegant and wonderfully engineered machine. It has a power “automatic table adjustment device”. By engaging the clutch the single adjusting screw raises or lowers the table. Final adjusting is done by hand adjusting the 14” center wheel.

Other than the table, the K2100 castings are aluminum. Tom Kneisley said “The 1949 model had guide plates that were difficult to adjust and keep in adjustment. The 1953 (K2200) model had been completely redesigned, used guide pins, which needed no adjustment. The castings were cast iron, which was less expensive and easier to machine. Unfortunately, the table raising mechanism was not easily adaptable to power feed.”

The 1949 K2100 guide plate.

What the K2200 lacks in design and engineering elegance it makes up in simplicity. Instead of the multiple castings that made up it’s predecessor, this machine has only 2 main cast iron sides - both from the same mold - and a hefty cast iron table. 4 steel tie rods hold the sides together.

The diagonal shaft from the hand wheel supports 2 worm gears placed at the 2 table elevating screws and helical gears.

Replacing the K2100’s troublesome 6” guide plates are 2 guide pins very similar to Yager/K2000 planers. Each pin is held in place by a large bolt through the side castings. Turning the hand wheel clockwise raises the table.

On the left is a bottom view photo of the K2100 table raising assembly. On the right is the K2200.

Another inside view with sheet metal covers removed.

The pulley set up from motor to planer is the same as the K2100. A 6” pulley from the motor to a 3” pulley drives the cutterhead at 3600 rpm. A 1-1/2” pulley mounted on the motor shaft to a 7” pulley drives the feed rollers by way of a sprocket and chain on the gear side.
pulley side

The gear assembly also has similarities to the earlier model.

The main difference shown on top of the casting is the mounting bracket for the center feed sprocket. A pinion gear is inside. The 2 feed roller gears are driven by this gear.
Pinion bracket shown on top of casting.

The cutterhead and serrated infeed and neoprene out feed rollers are identical to the K2100. Cutterhead bearings are WC88504. Feed rollers ride on flanged bronze bearings. 4 compression springs and screws provide feed roller tension. The steel chipbreaker is a separate from the sheet metal top cover. The gear and pulley side covers and 2 base cover plates are also sheet metal.


chip picChipbreaker

Inside cabinet showing motor pulley arrangement

The gear and pulley side covers and 2 base cover plates are also sheet metal.

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