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Most of our old woodworking and metalworking machines are powered by electric motors. Many companies made those motors, and this page provides a brief listing of those companies along with links to their history pages.

Aaron Electric Co.Chicago, IL-1921-From EMF electrical year book, Volume 1, 1921
Adams-Bagnall Electric Co.Cleveland, OH-1920-From Electrical Merchandising 1920
Adsit LaboratoriesMinneapolis, MN-1921-From EMF electrical year book, Volume 1, 1921
Advance Electric Co.St. Louis, MO-1920-From patent records. No confirmed motor sightings.
Akron Electrical Mfg. Co.Minneapolis, MN-1892-1911-Made motors for Ransom Mfg. Co. Disc Grinders.
Alexander-Kramer Co.Dayton, OH-1916-1917A correspondent reports an Al-Ko motor made by the Alexander-Kramer Co., that came with an erector set made between 1913 and 1916 by the American Model Builder Co.
Louis Allis Co.Milwaukee, WI1901-1977-Louis Allis left his father's company, E. P. Allis, just before the merger that created Allis-Chalmers. Louis Allis Co. was Mechanical Appliance Co. until 1922. OEM supplier for Oliver.
Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. Milwaukee, WI-1901-1960-Better known as an agricultural equipment maker, but they manufactured motors for many years. Acquired Bullock Electric Manufacturing Co. in 1905. About the same time, GE bought a majority stake in A-C. In 1985, Siemens AG acquired A-C, which now operates as Siemens Energy and Automation.
American Electric Motor Co.Milwaukee, WI-1929-1933Acquired by Cedarburg Manufacturing Co. They had been a subsidiary of Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co. of Newark, NJ. Cedarburg went bankrupt in 1939.
American Electric Motors, Inc.Los Angeles, CA1939-1966-We have seen induction motors in the 1 to 3 HP range from this maker.
Armitage & Hershel Co.North Tonawanda, NY-1890's-1920'S-Manufactured Electric Motors for their Merry-Go-Rounds.
Ayrton & PerryLondon, England-1890's-From Modern Mechanism by Park Benjamin, 1895
Baldor Electric Co.St. Louis, MO1920-presentIn 1967 HQ moved to Forth Smith, AR. One-time supplier of motors for Delta Unisaw and Powermatic 66.
E. G. Barnard Co.Troy. NY-1920's-
Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing Co.Ripon, WI1911-presentChanged name to Speed Queen Corp. about 1950. In their earlier years they made their own motors, which may be repurposed to run small woodworking machines.
Bartz, Wygant & BrownHornellsville, NYca 1903-1904Manufactured Electric Motors & Drill Presses.
Baxter Electric Mfg. & Motor Co.Baltimore, MD1888-Early manufacturer of small electric motors.
Belknap Motor Co.Portland, ME1894-Early manufacturer of small electric motors.
Bell Electric Motor Co.Garwood, NJ1919-Early manufacturer of small electric motors.
Bodine Electric Co.Chicago, IL1905-presentStill in business, specializing in very small industrial motors.
Brook Electric Motors of Canada, Ltd.Toronto, ON -1958-1970-Related to Brook Crompton, a British maker. Motor seen on a 1958 Delta/Rockwell 12-14" tablesaw.
Brook Crompton (Canada) Inc.Toronto, ON-presentPresumably the successor to Brook Electric Motors. Name changed to Brook Hansen (Canada) Inc. in 1994.
Brown-Brockmeyer Co.Dayton, OH-1929-1981-Made motors for some Montgomery Ward machinery. Supplied motors for a few early Delta radial arm saws.
Brush Electric Co.Cleveland, OH-1890's-
Bullock Electric Mfg. Co.Norwood, OH1897-1905Began in 1884 as Geo. F. Card & O. W. Jantz Manufacturing Co., then became Bullock Electric Motor & Dynamo Co. Motor manufacturing began about 1897. In 1901, combined their sales operations with those of Wagner. Acquired by Allis-Chalmers in 1905 and then operated for years as the Bullock Works of A-C.
Burke Electric Co.Erie, PA-1908-1957-
Canadian General Electric Co.Peterborough, ON1890-presentCanadian GE subsidiary. Originally Edison Electric, then became CGE in 1892. Became General Electric Canada in the late 1980s.
Canadian Westinghouse Co.Peterborough, ON1896-presentCanadian Westinghouse subsidiary. Motor manufacturing began in the early 1900s. Became Westinghouse Canada, Inc., in 1971.
Card Electric Co.Mansfield, OH-1920's-
G. F. Card Mfg. Co.Cincinnati, OH-1920's-
Century Electric Co.St. Louis, MO-1910-1993-By the late 1970s they were owned by Gould Inc., and motors were labeld "Gould/Century". By 1993 the name was Magnetek Century Electric, Inc.
Cherry Electric WorksNew York, NY-1920's-
Christensen Engineering Co.Milwaukee, WI-1900's-Manufactured Ceco brand electric motors.
Cleveland Armature WorksCleveland, OH-1895-1930-The company specialized in repairing electrical machinery, especially rewinding motor armatures. They expanded into the manufacture of motors and, especially, pedestal grinders and disc grinders.
Cleveland Electric Motor Co.Cleveland, OH-1914-1957-Manufactured of induction motors.
Commercial Electric Co.Indianapolis, IN-1890's-Manufactured the "Iron Clad Motor ".
Continental Electric Co., Inc.Newark, NJ1922-1960-Relocated HQ to Geneva, IL, in the '30s. Made mid-size induction motors.
Contraves Goerz Corp.Pittsburgh, PA1920's-
Crescent Iron WorksSpringfield, MO1920's-
Crocker-Wheeler Electric Co.Ampere, NJ-1888-1936-Also "Crocker-Wheeler Co.", "Crocker-Wheeler Electric Manufacturing Co.", and "Crocker & Curtis Electric Motor Co."
Curtis Electric Mfg. Co.Jersey City, NJ1920's-
Cushman Electric Co.Concord, NH-1900-1942- ||
Cuttriss & Co.Leeds, England-1890's-
Daft Electric Light Co.Greenville, NJ-1882-?
Thomas H. Dallett & Co.Philadelphia, PA-1880's-Manufactured the Billberg Portable electric motor and portable drilling machines.
Dayton Electric Manufacturing Co.Niles, IL1905-1989-Owned by W. W. Grainger, Inc. as of 1966.
Dayton Fan & Motor Co.Dayton, OH-1889-1929 Also "Day-Fan Electric Co.", which was acquired by General Motors in 1929.
Delco Products Corp.Dayton, OH-1910-presentAlso known as "Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co.", "Delco-Light Co." and "Delco Products, Division of General Motors Corp." Became part of Lincoln Electric, which is now owned by Leeson.
A. J. Deer Co.Hornell, NY-1905-1924-Made "Royal" brand motors (not to be confused with motors from Royal Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan). Deer also made metal-slicing and -grinding machines and coffee milling and roasting machines.
Diehl Manufacturing Co.Elizabeth, NJ; Somerville, NJ-1909-1958-By 1965 they were the "Diehl Division of Singer Co., Somerville, NJ". Diehl supplied motors for Sears, Roebuck.
Doerr Electric Corp.Cedarburg, WI1939-1986Began as "Electro Machines, Inc." but changed name in 1951. Acquired by W. W. Grainger in 1969, then sold to Emerson in 1986. It is uncertain when the Doerr name disappeared.
Domestic Electric Co.Cleveland, OH-1915-1929-Primarily fractional HP motors. Some motors have 1911-05-23 and 1913-01-28 patent dates, corresponding to patents presumably licensed from Allis-Chalmers. Domestic was acquired by Black & Decker in 1929. Page 225 of the EMF Electrical Yearbook, Volume 1, released in June of 1921, reveals the following information: DOMESTIC ELECTRIC CO., THE.- Cleveland, Ohio. Manufacturer of small motors. Business established 1915. President and general manager, C. A. Duffner; vice-president M. H. Spielman; secretary and treasurer, A. N. Kellogg; sales manager, W. H. Lamar. Also cited is the trade name and address information: DOMESTIC.- Trade name for small motors manufactured by the Domestic Electric Co., 1071 Power Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Dover Electric Mfg. Co.Canal Dover, OH-1920's-
William B. Durgin Co.Concord, NH-1920's-
Eck Dynamo & Motor WorksBelleville. NJ-1920's-
Eddy Electric Mfg. Co.Windsor, CT-1890's-
Edgerton Electric Motor Co.Philadelphia, PA-1890's-
Elbridge Electrical Mfg. Co.Elbridge, NY-1920's- ||
Electra Motors Inc.Anaheim, CA-1940's-
Electric Controller & Mfg. Co.Cleveland, OH-1920's-
Electric Motor Corp.Racine, WI?-1945This producer of fractional horsepower motors was purchased by Howard Industries in 1945. Some former employees then started Rae Motor Corp.
Electric Specialty Co. (Esco)Stamford, CT-1921-1950-Main business was motor-generator sets but they also sold freestanding motors. .
Electric Tamper & Equipment Co. of Canada, Ltd.Montreal, QC-1938-1975-Began as the Canadian branch of a Chicago-based parent. In 1952 it became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Canada Iron Foundries, Ltd.; the name changed to "Tamper, Ltd." around 1959. Known as a motor maker from a 1 HP induction motor with the "Tamper" brand name.
Electrical Development & Mfg. Co.Boston, MA-1890's-Manufactured "Stockwell" electric motors.
Electro Dynamic Co.Bayonne, NJ -1906-2000 Moved to Avnel, NJ sometime before 1976 following a fire at the Bayonne plant. Made the Grisom and the Interpole Motors.
Elektron Mfg. Co.Brooklyn, NY; Springfield, MA-1890's-
Elwell-Parker Electric Co.Cleveland, OH-1920's-
Emerson Electric Co.St. Louis, MO; Paris, TN1890-presentOriginally known as "Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co." They are now a conglomerate. U.S. Electrical Motors, Inc. was acquired in 1962, and now operates as "U. S. Motors".
Empire Engine & Motor Co.Orangeburg, NY-1920's-
Equitable Electric Co.New York, NY; Jersey City, NJ-1920's-Manufactured Pendleton Electric Motors.
Excelsior Co.Brooklyn, NY-1890's-Manufactured Hochhausen Electric Motors in the 1890’s.
Fairbanks-Morse Electrical Manufacturing Co.Indiananpolis, IN-1911-1969-
Federal Electric Co.North Girard, PA-1920's-
Fidelity Electric Co.Lancaster, PA-1918-1976-
Fisher Electric Motor Co.Detroit, MI-1888-? Fisher Electric Motor Co. was incorporated in Aug 1888 and made Electric Motors in the 1890’s.
Fort Wayne Electric WorksFort Wayne, IN-1881-1911-In June, 1911, the Fort Wayne Electric Works was merged with the General Electric Company
Franklin Electric Co., Inc.Bluffton, IN-1944-present-Specialize in submersible and fuel-pump motor. Have also seen a gear-motor.
Galvin Electric Manufacturing Co.St. Louis, MO-1922-1931-In about 1922, H-G Manufacturing Company became Galvin Electric Manufacturing Company.
General Electric Co.Schenectady, NY-1889-presentWas "Edison General Electric Co." until about 1895. From the 1890s, GE battled with Westinghouse to be the dominant motor manufacturer. Known OEM customers include J. D. Wallace.
Gillespie Motor Co.Paterson, NJ1919-1924Fractional HP motors for washing machines. Became Gillespie-Eden Corp. in 1920.
W. T. Goolden and Co.London, England-1890's-
H-G Manufacturing Co.St. Louis, MO-1920-We've seen a fractional horsepower motor from this maker. In about 1922, H-G Manufacturing Company became Galvin Electric Manufacturing Company.
Hawkeye Electric Mfg. Co.Oskaloosa, IA-1920's-
Hellmund Collbohm Electric Co.New York, NY-1905-1910-Known only from patent records. No confirmed motor sightings.
Joshua Hendy Iron WorksSan Francisco, CA1880's-1940's-In 1942, Moore’s Joshua Henry Machine Works bought the Crocker-Wheeler Electric Co.
Hobart Manufacturing Co.Troy, OH-1897-present-Was Hobart Electrical Manufacturing Co. until some time after 1909. Became better known for their food mixers and grinders but they also made AC motors.
Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co.Brookline, MA1875-1972Primarily made smaller motors, 1 HP and under. Began as the "Holtzer Co." in 1875, then became "Seth W. Fuller & Holtzer" in 1880, then "Holtzer & Co." in 1888, then "Holtzer & Cabot" in '89 then "Holtzer & Cabot Electric Co." shortly thereafter. We have seen a motor from "Holtzer-Cabot Division of First Industrial Corporation".
Hoover Co.North Canton, OH1908-presentBy 1945 Hoover had acquired Kingston-Conley, and K-C motors displayed the Hoover logo. It is possible that Hoover made their own motors before the K-C acquisition.
Howard Industries, Inc.Racine, WI; Chicago, IL1945-1983-Formed after WWII when Howard Aircraft Corp. sold their aircraft making assets, bought Racine-based Electric Motor Corp., and renamed it. Howard motors have been spotted on Rockwell/Delta radial arm saws.
Howell Electric Motors Co.Howell, MI; Plainfield, NJ1920-2007Connected to Kingston-Conley in some way. Our best guess is that Howell bought K-C in 1958 and in 1963 Kingston-Conley was absorbed into Howell. The name changed to "Howell Electric Motors, Inc." sometime after 1961. Probably supplied to Boice-Crane. Acquired by Kinetek, Inc., in 2007.
Hyer-Sheehan Electric Motor Co.Newburgh, NY-1890's-
Ideal Electric & Mfg. Co.Mansfield, OH-1920's-
M. ImmischMansfield, OH-1890's-
Imperial Electric Co.Akron, OH-1891-present An Imperial Electric motor is reported on a Wilson radial arm saw made by Media Machine Works. Most Wilson saws reportedly have Louis Allis motors
Jack & Heintz, Inc.Cleveland, OH1940-1961In 1946, merged with Precision Products Corp., and the name became "Jack & Heintz Precision Industries, Inc." Merged into Siegler Corp. in 1961, by which time they were focused primarily on aerospace.
Janette Manufacturing Co.Chicago, IL-1920's-Seen a 1/2 HP motor, ca. 1950, from this maker. Made bench grinders.
Jantz & Liest Electric Co.Cincinnati, OH-1920's-
Jeannin Electric Co.Toledo, OH-1916-1935-This company is known from patent records and at least one confirmed motor sighting. Related to Howell in some way?
Keystone Electric Co.Erie, PA-1890's-
Kimble Electric Co.Chicago, IL-1909-1948-Best known for their motors with integrated electro-mechanical controllers. Used on Oliver lathes. Later motors labeled "Star-Kimble".
Kingston-Conley Electric Co.Jersey City, NJ; North Plainfield, NJ1934-1963Established 1934 by Frederick S. Kingston and Brooks L. Conley, both formerly of Sunlight Electrical. Acquired by Hoover Co. in 1948. Motors after that time had both Kingston-Conley and Hoover names. Seems to have been acquired by Howell in 1958 and absorbed in 1963. Made motors and grinders for Atlas, Millers Falls, Stanley, Walker-Turner, and others.
Lamb Electric Co.Kent, OH-1945-1981-Fractional HP motors that are usually built into appliances. Seen as motor on a planer knife grindeer. By 1957 they were the Lamb Electric Division of American Machine & Metals, Inc., which became Ametek, Inc. There was also a Lamb Electric division of Canada of Sangamo Canada, Ltd., in Leaside, ON. In the early 1900s there was a Lamb Electric Co. in Detroit, and then there was one in Grand Rapids. These may all be the same firm. The Grand Rapids incarnation made motors plus bench grinders and buffers
Laurence, Paris & Scott Ltd.Norwich, U.K.-1890's-
Leeson Electric Corp.Milwaukee, WI1972-presentAcquired by Regal-Beloit Corp. in 2000. Acquired Lincoln Electric Co. motors in 2006.
Leland Electric Co.Dayton, OH-1926-1951-There was also a Leland Electric Canada Ltd. Leland probably supplied motors to Walker-Turner.
Leland Faraday Electric Co.New York, NY-1969-1986-Brand now belongs to Essex Technology, Inc.
Leroy-Somer Canada Ltd.Granby, QC-1973-1993In 1990, purchased by U. S. Electrical Motors division of Emerson. Granby plant was closed in 1992; production for Canadian market moved to USEM's Markham plant, but then that plant was closed in 1993.
Lima Electric Motor Co.Lima, OH-1936-1965-Formed in 1930s when Homer E. Reeder, the owner of the Lima Armature Works, bought out the Phoenix Electric Motor Co. of Mansfield and relocated it to Lima. May have been bought out by Marathon.
Lincoln Electric Co.Cleveland, OH1895-2006Known as "Lincoln Motor Works Co." in the very early years. Acquired by Regal-Beloit Corp. in 1999 and it became "Lincoln Motors". Acquired by Leeson Electric Corp. in 2006.
Loomis Electric Co.Chicago, ILca. 1915Manufactured Dynamo-Motors
Marathon Electric Manufacturing Co.Wausau, WI1913-presentBecame "Marathon, Inc." at some point. For many years the main motor supplier for Unisaws and the Delta radial arm saw. Also supplied Montgomery Ward.
Master Electric Co.Dayton, OH1920-1961?Closed its Dayton plant in 1961. Made some motors for Delta (combo units, e.g.), possibly including some rebadged as Delta. Also supplied to Sears, Roebuck. Acquired by Emerson Electric Co.?
M. M. Mayer Electric Co.New York, NY-1900's-Manufactured Electric Motors and Dynamos
McKinnon Industries Ltd.St. Catharines, ON, Canada1932-1963?Company founded 1878. Purchased by GM in 1929. Began making fractional horsepower motors in 1932. Production of commercial fractional horsepower motors transferred to GM Diesel in London, ON, in 1963 (uncertain how these motors were badged). McKinnon's name changed to "General Motors of Canada Limited, St. Catharine's" in 1969.
Mechanical Appliance Co.Milwaukee, WI-1914-1922Renamed to Louis Allis Co. in 1922.
Monarch Electric Co.New York, NY-1880's
Mummert-Dixon Co.Hanover, PA-1909-2004-Bought by CAM Industries, Inc.
National Electric Manufacturing Co.Chicago, IL-1916-
Norge Corp.Muskegon Heights, MI-1927-1961- So far as we know, Norge made appliance motors that have occasionally been adapted for workshop use. Norge was acquired by Borg-Warner Corp. in the late '20s or early '30s. Norge relocated to Fort Smith, AR, in 1961.
Northern Electrical Manufacturing Co.Madison, WI-1895-1910-Made motors for big machine tools: Pond lathes, Bickford radial drills, etc. Likely acquired by one of the bigger makers.
Oak Electric Motors, Inc.Burr Oak, MI-1943-1969-Changed name from Titan Electric Co. in 1949. Sample ½hp, 1725rpm, cast iron, dual shaft, ball bearing, capacitor motor obtained by B. Kachadurian. Estimate 1950s vintage.
Oakwood Electrical Manufacturing Co.Dayton, OH-1880's
Ohio Electric & Controller Co.Cleveland, OH-1920-1930-
Packard Electric Co.Warren, OH1890-1932The Packard Motor Car Co. spun off in 1902. GM bought Packard Electric in 1932 but continued to operate Packard Electric as a separate entity. In 1943, Sunlight Electrical's small motor production was absorbed into Packard.
Peerless Electric Co.Warren, OH1893-present Supplied motors to Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Prestolite-Leland Co.Sarnia, ONCanadian motor maker. The few reported examples are all 1 HP or less.
Rae Motor Corp.Racine, WI1946-presentFormed by former employees of Electric Motor Corp., which had been bought by Howard Industries.
Regal-Beloit Corp.Beloit, WI1955-presentIn 1980, began consolidating all American electric motor manufacturers.
Reliance Electric & Engineering Co.Cleveland, OH1904-2006Acquired the Medium AC Motor Division of Westinghouse in 1986. In 1994 Reliance was acquired by Rockwell Automation but continued to operate under the Reliance name. Acquired by Baldor in 2006.
Reuland Electric Co.Alhambra, CA; Howell, MI1945-presentCompany began as repair shop in '30s; made first motor in '45. Moved from Alhambra to City of Industry in '63.
Reynolds Electric Co.Chicago, IL-1902-1944-In 1903, changed name to Reynolds Electric Flasher Manufacturing Company, and then changed it back sometime between 1915 and 1917. They were making motors by 1917, using the "Reliance" trade name. The company may have survived into the 1970s but if they did they kept a low profile.
Robbins & Meyers Co.Springfield, OH-1893-presentHave seen "Robbins & Meyers Co.", "..., Inc.", "..., Corp." Have also seen "Robbins & Myers Co. of Canada Ltd. / Brantford". Supplier for Powermatic 65/66 saws.
Robbins & Meyers Canada, Ltd.Brantford, ON-1893-presentHave seen "Robbins & Myers Co. of Canada Ltd. / Brantford". Supplier for Powermatic 65/66 saws.
Roth Brothers & Co.Chicago, IL-1904-1932-Ad in 1905 "Popular Science", showing one of their motors retrofit to a power hacksaw. Company changed ownership in 1929. Acquired by Century Electric?
Rotomotor Co.New York, NY-1941-1947-Seen on fractional HP motor, also marked "Division of General Die & Stamping Co."
Sangamo Electric Co.Springfield, OH-1899-presentHave seen several motors from this maker, plus a motor from "Wagner-Leland Division of Sangamo Co., Ltd., Made in Canada".
Sawyer Electrical Manufacturing Co.Los Angeles, CA-1938-1940Bought by A. O. Smith Corp.
Scot Motors, Inc.Forest Park, IL-1956-Address 930 Desplaines Ave. Distinctive Deco-designed motors with a half-cylinder-on-top-of-a-breadbox look.
A. O. Smith Corp.Milwaukee, WI1904-presentA. O. Smith started out making automobile frames. They got into the motor business in 1940 with the purchase of the Sawyer Electrical Manufacturing Co. In 1950 they bought Whirl-A-Way Motors Inc. in 1950. In 1986 they Bought Westinghouse's small motor business. In 1999 they bought Magnetek's motor operations. Made motors for Delta, including their radial arm saws.
Standard Dayton Corp.Dayton, OH-1945-1961- Motor marked "Standard Electric / Division of Standard Dayton Corporation"
Star Electric Motor Co. (Semco)Newark, NJ-1916-1931-
Star-Kimble Motor Division, Miehle Printing Press & Mfg Co.Bloomfield, NJ-1950-1966-The name "Star-Kimble Electric Co." was also used. Descended from Kimble Electric Co. and Star Electric Motor Co.
Sterling Electric, Inc.Irvine, CA1927-present
Stow Manufacturing Co.Binghamton, NY1875-1910Manufactured electric motors and portable drills.
B. F. Sturtevant Co.Boston, MA-1889-1945The company dates back to 1856 but motor manufacture started in about 1889. The company was acquired by Westinghouse Electric in 1945 and motor production ceased almost immediately.
Sunlight Electrical Manufacturing Co.Warren, OH1917-1933Founded June 1917. Acquired in 1933 by Delco Products Corp., a subsidiary of GM. Sunlight's motor manufacturing was relocated to Dayton but continued to operate under the Sunlight name. In 1943 their motor production was absorbed into the Packard Electric operations.
Torq Electric Corp.Bedford, OH-1946-1966-Fractional HP motors and bench grinders. Began as Torq Electric Mfg. Co. in Cleveland, but had moved to Bedford and became "Corp." by 1948.
Triumph Electric Co.Cincinnati, OH-1907-1921-From patent records. No confirmed motor sightings.
United States Electrical Manufacturing Co.Los Angeles, CA1908-presentBecame the "U.S. Electrical Motors Division of Emerson Electric Co." in 1962.
U. S. Industries, Inc.Los Angeles, CA-1915-1962This maker of AC induction motors became a conglomerate, and around 2004 changed its name to Jacuzzi Brands, Inc.
Valley Electric Corp.St. Louis, MO-1920-1942-Original name was "Valley Electric Co." Suffix changed to "Corp." in about 1939. Edwin Ballman co-founded Baldor while he was working at Valley Electric.
Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co.St. Louis, MO1891-presentReincorporated as Wagner Electric Corp. in 1922. An early motor supplier to Delta. Still in business as "Wagner Lighting Co." Canadian subsidiary, Wagner Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formed in 1919 and eventually taken over by Allis-Chalmers-Bullock.
Joseph Weidenhoff, Inc.Chicago, IL-1929-1961-Reportedly acquired by Snap-On in 1956.
Western Electric Co.Chicago, IL1872-1983Western Electric brand motors were made for them by General Electric and by Robbins & Meyers.
Westinghouse Electric Co.Pittsburgh, PA1889-presentAlso known was "Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co." and "Westinghouse Electric Corp." GE and Westinghouse were the two biggest makers of electric motors. Westinghouse supplied 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 HP general-purpose motors to Delta from roughly 1942-47.
Whirl-A-Way Motors Inc.Tipp City, OH; Dayton, OH1946-1950Made motors for Red Star's radial arm saws. Acquired by A. O. Smith Corp. in 1950.
S. A. Woods Machine Co.Boston, MA1920-1962Starting about 1920, S. A. Woods started manufacturing motors for its own use. Their high quality motors were designed for direct drive applications and were also sold to other machinery manufacturers. "The Murray Co." name was used during the war years. In 1961 Yates-American purchased the rights to all of S. A. Woods' products including the motor line.

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