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Delta 800 Motor plate tracings

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These are full size tracings of the two plates on a Delta 800(?) motor. The 'D' shaped one is for the reversing leads, and the square one is for the switchbox cast integral to the endbell.

The holes in either plate are naturally smaller than the actual holes because of the pen thickness, but by using the correct machine screw you can enlarge them to fit. The center of the holes is correct.

The slot in the switchplate is centered correctly, but it will need to be wider and perhaps a little longer to accommodate the switch lever. The largest hole is actually big enough for a cord with a grommet around it. I doubt the grommet is still available, so drill it to work with what is available. Be sure and knot the cord on the inside of the plate.

The leads cover has a sort of eyebrow shaped louver in it, but it isn't necessary to the function of the cover. It was probably for ventilation

This is a PDF file so you will need Adobe reader to view them. Be sure to print in 100% size, and don't let your printer 'fit to page' when printing, to use for tracing.

Delta motor plate tracings

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