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I have found some quality threads on Northfield #4 Table Saws. Now that I have two three in the queue, I'm creating this to get the information organized:

Northfield's #4 page:

Northfield's #4 brochure:

Technical Information:

Arbor, motor, wrenches, etc.:

  • 1" arbor nut takes a 1 5/8" wrench (1961 machine)
  • 1 1/8" arbor nut takes a 1 11/16" wrench (1971 machine, believe 1 1/8" is "standard")

VintageMachinery #4 Docs:

Main Northfield page:

Northfield Table Saw Photo Index:

Number 4 Catalog Pages, Operation Manual, Parts Diagram, etc.

Number 4 Operation, Maintenance & Parts List


Northfield paint colors: Threads:

Northfield Sliding / Slider / Rolling Table Threads:

Northfield #4 Slider - Troubles: (required some grinding)

Slider Shipping:

Kirk got a '83 #4 Slider:

Tuck's #4 Slider Progress Pics:

Monster Northfield slider:


good-lookin' restoration & custom fence making:

Speedmatic's restoration thread featuring a cracked trunnion:

Teboma1's good-lookin' restoration:

Specific Parts / Issues / Resolutions:

Adding tenon jig & router insert to a #4:

Bearing play in DMD motor:

Bearing replacement in DMD motor:

Filler strips and how to make them:

What's the benefit of filler strips?


Discussion of dado arbor dimensions, etc.:

Discussion about fence types and mobile bases:

Other Misc. Threads / Gloats:

Mike got his first #4:

Luke got his first #4:

Ben got his first #4:

Tour of Northfield:

CW's Slider Gloat:

Other Sources:

Probably one of the most incredible #4 threads in the most unlikely of locales: Japan

Google Images for Northfield #4 Table Saw:

ScrewTurn Wiki version Some of the icons created by FamFamFam.