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Paint Colors - Craftsman/Companion/Dunlap

Modified on 2018/08/24 15:52 by Questor Categorized as Restoration Topics
For Atlas machines that were sold as Craftsman, Krylon Regal Blue is a close but not perfect match.

Original Atlas machinery was a a dark gray but I have not heard of an exact match being made yet.

For Craftsman/Walker-Turner 12" bandsaw, another close but not perfect match is Benjamin Moore UTILAC High Gloss Metal and Wood Enamel - Classic Navy #490 36.

Scott Andrew added:

I recently restored a 1937-1940 Craftsman 6" Jointer. I spent considerable time to match the original color before stripping the machine to bare metal. I used Benjamin Moore latex metal paint in low-luster as the base coat, and high-gloss for the top coat. This jointer was manufactured by Walker-Turner.

Base coat Benjamin Moore ~IronClad Latex Low Luster Metal & Wood Enamel

Quart Ultra Base 363 4B BK - 12 BB - 1x6 MA - 9 WH - 10

Top coat Benjamin Moore Impervex Latex High Gloss Metal & Wood Enamel

Quart Ultra Base 309 4B BB - 16+1/4 GY - 2x3+1/4 MA - 6+1/4 WH - 5.5

I have a Craftsman Drill Press 103.0305, Valspar #65031 Royal Blue was a very close match to the blue I found under the hinge. Cecil Dean

For light blue Craftsman Table Saws I've found the Rustoleum Satin Wildflower Blue to be closest.

Brian Kachadurian added:

Sears blue: NOW (Sherwin-Williams) 21207 Royal Blue spray paint (ACE Hardware) is a good approximation.

Sears Power-Bronze: Rustoleum 261415 Champagne Mist metallic spay paint is a very good match.

Questor added" I found out the closest and most durable paint matches for my 1970s Craftsman 113.20621 Jointer/Planer, Craftsman 103.22500 Belt & Disc Sander and Craftsman 706.10525 Power Tool Bench are the following Krylon "Tough Coat" Paints made with Acrylic Alkd paint materials for metals with info listed as of 08/24/18:

1.) Primer - Krylon "Tough Coat" product# A00340007, Grey Primer Rust -preventative spray paint 12fl oz, retail price $7.10 2.) 113.20621 Jointer - Krylon "Tough Coat" product# A00325007, Machinery Dark Gray spray paint 12fl oz, retail price $7.10 3.) 103.22500 Belt & Disc Sander - Krylon "Tough Coat" product# A00325007, Machinery Dark Gray spray paint 12fl oz, retail price $7.10 4.) Stand - Krylon "Tough Coat" product# A00329007, Machinery Blue/Gray spray paint 12fl oz, retail price $7.10

The problems and concerns I encountered while trying to place an order with delivery to my home in Cincinnati, OH are: 1.) Krylon does not sell directly to the public, the "Tough Coat" paints are only available through authorized Industrial Paint Retailers, and Krylon's 800 number leads to a 3rd Party Distributor's telephone number that may direct you to a 3rd party Industrial Paint Reseller based on your zipcode.. 2.) In my zipcode area, there are only a 2 possible Industrial Paint Retailers that sell Krylon "Tough Coat" spray paint, they require a company account to be set up even though mine is a personal purchase for private use, and the combined paint can shipment had to be cross-shipped by UPS with an additional shipping charge from the Illinois Retailer's Distribution Warehouse. 3.) Most Industrial Paint resellers often do not carry Krylon "Tough Coat" paint in current stock due to possible low sales demand and/or limited shelf life. 4.) eBay and Amazon list these Krylon paint product#s, but the pricing is only per case and not for individual cans (12 per case). Sherwin-Williams Retail Paint stores cannot order Krylon Industrial Paints. 5.) Krylon only warrants the "shelf life" before application of "Tough Coat" paints to be 2 years from the date of manufacture 6.) Only Krylon "Tough Coat" primer is recommended for use other Tough Coat paints, or else chemical/adhesion problems may occur mixing different OEM paints.

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