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Steve Musial has been at it again. Here is a dead match for Powermatic Green, again from Porter Paints:

Porter Paints Pro-Master 2000 Oil Satin

124 Ultra Deep Base 20C 12E 2YS(or 5) 26V

Alan Ciemian had a Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel color-matched to the small belt guard of his Vista Green Powermatic 50 jointer:

Below is the formula:


Sherwin-WilliamsOrder# 4344-0022562
Industrial EnamelAlkyd Low-VOC1
GlossIFC 411X

BAC ColorantOZ3264128
W1-White219 --
L1-Blue2 31-1
Y3-Deep Gold232-1

One GallonUltraDeep

Peter Suomala had a Limco acrylic color-matched to the gold color inside of the top panel of his Powermatic 180:

Let me first say that I am a fan of the metalic gold of the '80's and '90's. I know that many of you prefer the "green" but not me. So I was determined to find a way to duplicate the original color on the equipment I have. Well, I can't say it was easy or cheap but, I have the formula for a Powermatic "Gold", vintage 1990 - 1995, that is perfect - as one can get. My reference for the color was the inside of the top panel on my PM180 which had likely only seen sunlight in McMinnville. Here is the label on the can:


GM 54 WA4972/STD Step: 1/1

Sovereign Gold Met. Limco 2


  • LB104 315.8
  • LB800 341.2
  • LB804 438.0
  • LB805 464.0
  • LB806 544.7
  • LMC2 795.5

Suffix B

Do I know what all this means? Haven't a clue but the paint is exact for my machine and a body shop/Limco guy will know. It's an acrylic paint so it's not for the timid but the results will be worth it - unless of course you prefer "green".....

Limco paint which is fairly common at most auto body shops but not a "consumer" brand. You can likely have a local body shop mix it up for you. It's a professional type of paint so it's not something you should fool with unless you're prepared.

It is a match for my 1995 PM180 and "close enough" for my 1986 PM1150A.

It has also been reported that Pittsburgh Paints "Vista Green" is an excellent match for the OLD Powermatic green.

True Value Hardware stores sell "Vista Green" spray paint under their "Premium Decor" brand for those who would prefer to use a rattle can. It is a very close match to the OLD Powermatic green.

From a thread on the discussion forum from "stanleyiron" Steve: I repainted a 1972 Model 60 jointer, and in doing so tracked down the only paint store (not including auto paints) in all of Denver, CO that could mix a metallic color. Not all Sherwin Williams location scan do this, but here's the color number I have: F75KXG92-4386. I'm no color expert, but they matched it to the underside of a part that had never seen daylight, and I think it looks fabulous.

An excellent match for the 70's era metallic green is Rustoleum "hammered" #7211 Deep Green Hammered. Alternatively, Hammerite brand hammered dark green appears to be identical. The trick is to put on THIN coats. Too thick and you'll get real crappy looking "hammered" look.

Powermatic Paint Color Timeline

Based on this thread Powermatic Paint Color Timeline Study

Gray / Grey1958 and before
Vista / Pea Green1959 - 1969
Evergreen / Metallic Green1970 - 1981
Metallic Gold 11982 - 1993
Metallic Gold 2 AKA 1977 GM Cadillac - Sovereign Gold Metalic1994 - 1995
Mustard Yellow1996 - Present

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