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Paint Colors - Walker-Turner

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Steve Musial actually went to the trouble to get a perfect match of some of his old Driver Line machinery that was painted a green-blue-gray color. Here is a recipe that your local Porter Paints should be able to mix up for you:

Porter Paints High Gloss Interior / Exterior Oil. Mixture is for 1 quart.

4144 Ultra Deep Base

14.5C 1Y14.5E 1Y7J 29V

Keith O'Boyle also suggest that Benjamin Moore "Impervo Alkyd High Gloss Metal and Wood Enamel" custom mixed to color #1575 is an exact match to the original W-T greenish blueish gray color.

Eric Tuck: I had a paint match done on my Walker-Turner S975 Shaper at Sherwin Williams. I used their Direct To Metal Alkyd Enamel rather than the Industrial Latex because I wanted semi-gloss. The formula is:


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