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Photo & Publication Submissions

Modified on 2012/02/10 10:21 by Joel Havens Categorized as FAQ
      In order to submit photos or publications at, you must log in first. If you are not registered with our site, click on the register box and follow the instructions to register and then log in. Once logged in, you can then upload both pictures and publications. If you run into problems doing this please contact us and tell us where you are having the problem and we will try to help. We do not allow the submission of hand tools to our site but do allow the following:

1) Woodworking Machinery

2) Metalworking Machinery

3) Steam or Gas Engines, stationary, portable and traction engines

4) Electric Motors

5) Some machine accessories and attachments (It’s best to ask about these first.)

6) Some Portable Power Tools (It’s best to ask about these first.)

      Photo submissions are immediately available to viewers, but are subject to deletion if they are inappropriate for our site. Publications must be approved before they will be available to other viewers.

      After you login at, click on the Publication Submission link and then enter that company name. If the company that you want isn't in our files, contact us and we will set a file up for it as long as it falls in the woodworking, metalworking machinery or steam & gas engines. You can upload the whole 8 page PDF at once as long as the file size is less than 50MB. If it is bigger that this, you either have to resize the images or upload it in multiple parts. Try it and should you run into a problem, just contact the Vintage Machinery Historian and we will get it straightened out.

      What you need to do is to make a PDF that includes all of the pages. First make sure that all of the pages are in a separate folder and are in the proper order (i.e. 1 -8) You select all of the pages to be printed (turned into a PDF) and use a PDF creating program that assembles them all into one PDF. If you scan the images at 300 DPI, and reduce them by 50% first, the file size is more manageable. This still gives you a very good image quality.

      For more information about submitting content, please see our Submitting Content page.

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