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Rip Fence Review

Modified on 2012/10/07 17:45 by Alan Liefting Categorized as Tablesaws

Here is a review by one individual of a number of tablesaw rip fences that he had experience with.

The HTC and Vega had so much backlash in the "micro adjust" feature as to render it a real time waster. The Excalibur was a great fence if you could ever get it aligned front to back, then it developed tiny dents in its locking face that would pull it off of your setting by a 32nd when locked down. Not much, but really a pain. The Unifence has its features, but is not as jig friendly as a straight fence. The Mule deflects too much, or at least the one I have on my jobsite cabinet saw does. (think trimming 1-3/4 solid doors)

Anyway, both the Bies jr. and sr. out ease of install, out kept in tune, out deflected, and in most other ways out ease of use all the others put together.

Biesmeyer's rep is a deserved one. Jr size or Sr. size are both great fences. I don't care about the faces being easy to switch out. It would be nice, but of all the things I need in a fence the face change feature is at the bottom of my list. Actually its not even on the list. (apologies to R.V.)

FWIW the best micro adjust I ever used was on an old Unisaw OEM fence. Just push and twist. Instant micro and that's where its at. No locking levers then turning a tiny knob nonsense.

I think what sealed it for me was the Bies just does not require much in the way of care, jig concept or tweaking. That tool characteristic is becoming increasingly important to me as time goes on.

Obviously I feel strongly about this, and what works for you may differ. So please don't take it to heart if I dissed your favorite fence.


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