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Scored Shaft Repair

Modified on 2009/04/21 18:42 by jayeson Categorized as Bearings, Restoration Topics
by Bob Vaughan {Reference: |}.

Working on a Delta 17-600 VS drill press, I discovered a scored shaft that had to be either replaced or repaired. The new cost of $200.00 + motivated me to try something. I know of the warping risk of the weld-up trick on steel this small, so that was out. This trick seemed to work. Next time, I may make a bushing twice as long as needed, and split it offset so it will clamshell on the shaft with less of a gap.

Here's the shaft with the two 6205 bearings and pulley spacer.

The shaft was .011 undersized so knurling was out.

Act of despiration time. I cut a groove about 1/16" deep then made a bushing a little oversize on the OD and a little oversize (.005) on the ID for glue adhesion. I cut the bushing, spread it open, slid it down the shaft, coated the groove with JB weld, slipped the bushing into the slot, and clamped overnight with a hose clamp.

Here's the result, right out of the clamp.

I chucked the shaft in the lathe and turned down to the needed 25mm.

Here's the results. The bearing went on with a good fit and the machine has been running in a school for a month now. I beleive its a permanent repair until the bearing fails again.

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