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South Bend Lathe Works

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South Bend Lathe Serial Numbers

Each serial number listed is the last serial number issued in that year. For example, serial number 22156 was the last serial number issued in 1919.

All South Bend Lathes 1925-1946

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
22156All Lathes1919
28714All Lathes1925
36000All Lathes1927
46492All Lathes1929
57221All Lathes1934
63838All Lathes1935
80362All Lathes1940
106199All Lathes1941
127793All Lathes1942
137910All Lathes1943
155229All Lathes1944
161180All Lathes1945
165147All Lathes1946

South Bend 9" Lathes (A, B & C) 1947-1969

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
8100N9" A, B, & C1947
20000N9" A, B, & C1950
35975N9" A, B, & C1954
38025N9" A, B, & C1955
40100N9" A, B, & C1956
42200N9" A, B, & C1957
43650N9" A, B, & C1958
45175N9" A, B, & C1959
46560N9" A, B, & C1960
48000N9" A, B, & C1961
49660N9" A, B, & C1962
51250N9" A, B, & C1963
52500N9" A, B, & C1964
53950N9" A, B, & C1965
55175N9" A, B, & C1966
56451N9" A, B, & C1967
56808N9" A, B, & C1968
57608N9" A, B, & C1969
Discontinued9" A, B, & C1970+

South Bend 10" Regular Lathes 1947-1983

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
900R10" Regular1947
2500R10" Regular1950
7920R10" Regular1955
8910R10" Regular1956
9775R10" Regular1957
10475R10" Regular1958
11075R10" Regular1959
11935R10" Regular1960
12550R10" Regular1961
13280R10" Regular1962
13875R10" Regular1963
14400R10" Regular1964
15125R10" Regular1965
15785R10" Regular1966
16401R10" Regular1967
15649R10" Regular1968
17266R10" Regular1969
17696R10" Regular1970
18171R10" Regular1971
18498R10" Regular1972
18842R10" Regular1973
18952R10" Regular1974
19600R10" Regular1975
19950R10" Regular1976
20280R10" Regular1977
20695R10" Regular1978
21059R10" Regular1979
21378R10" Regular1980
21723R10" Regular1981
22142R10" Regular1982
22354R10" Regular1983

South Bend 10" Lathes, Models 10K A, B, & C 1952-1983

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
1500K10" 10K A, B, & C1952
3800K10" 10K A, B, & C1954
4450K10" 10K A, B, & C1955
5350K10" 10K A, B, & C1956
6000K10" 10K A, B, & C1957
6575K10" 10K A, B, & C1958
7125K10" 10K A, B, & C1959
8050K10" 10K A, B, & C1960
8525K10" 10K A, B, & C1961
9200K10" 10K A, B, & C1962
10125K10" 10K A, B, & C1963
10850K10" 10K A, B, & C1964
11700K10" 10K A, B, & C1965
12350K10" 10K A, B, & C1966
12971K10" 10K A, B, & C1967
13145K10" 10K A, B, & C1968
13816K10" 10K A, B, & C1969
14804K10" 10K A, B, & C1970
15517K10" 10K A, B, & C1971
30266K10" 10K A, B, & C1972
31053K10" 10K A, B, & C1973
31783K10" 10K A, B, & C1974
32783K10" 10K A, B, & C1975
33602K10" 10K A, B, & C1976
34253K10" 10K A, B, & C1977
34945K10" 10K A, B, & C1978
36496K10" 10K A, B, & C1979
35938K10" 10K A, B, & C1980
36294K10" 10K A, B, & C1981
36843K10" 10K A, B, & C1982
40236K10" 10K A, B, & C1983

South Bend 13" Lathes 1947-1983

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
600T13" Lathes1947
1955T13" Lathes1950
5030T13" Lathes1955
5800T13" Lathes1956
6525T13" Lathes1957
6950T13" Lathes1958
7500T13" Lathes1959
8150T13" Lathes1960
8600T13" Lathes1961
9050T13" Lathes1962
9600T13" Lathes1963
10150T13" Lathes1964
10750T13" Lathes1965
11375T13" Lathes1966
12025T13" Lathes1967
12029T13" Lathes1968
12743T13" Lathes1969
13324T13" Lathes1970
13639T13" Lathes1971
13926T13" Lathes1972
14213T13" Lathes1973
14291T13" Lathes1974
14844T13" Lathes1975
15133T13" Lathes1976
15463T13" Lathes1977
15816T13" Lathes1978
16102T13" Lathes1979
16384T13" Lathes1980
16605T13" Lathes1981
16823T13" Lathes1982
16908T13" Lathes1983

South Bend 14" Lathes 1969-1983

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
69TT10114" Lathes1969
70TT17714" Lathes1970
71TT38114" Lathes1971
72TT55614" Lathes1972
73TT77414" Lathes1973
73TT97514" Lathes1974
75TT131214" Lathes1975
75TT153214" Lathes1976
76TT164014" Lathes1977
00038TT14" Lathes1978
00203TT14" Lathes1979
00345TT14" Lathes1980
00442TT14" Lathes1981
00587TT14" Lathes1982
00614TT14" Lathes1983

South Bend 14-1/2" Lathes 1947-1966

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
300F14½" Lathes1947
1100F14½" Lathes1950
2400F14½" Lathes1955
2750F14½" Lathes1956
3000F14½" Lathes1957
3020F14½" Lathes1958
3200F14½" Lathes1959
3305F14½" Lathes1960
3400F14½" Lathes1961
3510F14½" Lathes1962
3625F14½" Lathes1963
3710F14½" Lathes1964
3825F14½" Lathes1965
4077F14½" Lathes1966
Discontinued14½" Lathes1967+

South Bend 15" Lathes 1970-1973

Start Serial No.End Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
CN700228B76DN701031C10015" Lathes1970
CN7O113OD1SDN710731E7715" Lathes1971
DN710731E78DN15720228F7915" Lathes1972
DN15720331F87CN15720930NS15" Lathes1973

South Bend 16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes 1947-1979

Serial No.Machine DescriptionDate
1300H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1947
2900H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1950
7700H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1955
8625H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1956
9350H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1957
9650H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1958
9975H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1959
10450H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1960
10700H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1961
11100H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1962
11400H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1963
11725H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1964
12050H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1965
12400H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1966
12700H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1967
12742H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1968
13013H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1969
13263H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1970
13405H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1971
13493H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1972
13619H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1973
13737H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1974
13891H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1975
14005H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1976
14120H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1977
14226H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1978
14270H16", 16/24" & 2H Lathes1979

Information Sources

  • Serial Number Reference Book for Metalworking Machinery, by the Industrial Publishing Corp., 1959
  • Personal web page from "Doug and Karin", presumably taken from a metalworking-machinery serial number book).

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