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Sprunger Brothers, Inc.

The History of Sprunger Woodworking Machinery

By Ernest H. Fahlsing - company co-founder. (Additional from Dale Fahlbeck & Scott Sprunger)

Started in a small tool & die shop in South Bend, Indiana in about 1943. The company was owned by Lynn H. Sprunger, Harry L. Sprunger, and Ernest H. Fahlsing.

After World War II, a decision was made to enter the woodworking industry. It started in South Bend with an 8" Tilt Table Saw (1945-1946).

In the fall of 1946, the company moved to Topeka, Indiana where it was incorporated. It became Sprunger Brothers Inc. in 1946. (Tilt Table Saw 1946-1947.)

  • President: Lynn H. Sprunger
  • Vice President: Harry L. Sprunger
  • Plant Manager: William E. Davis

This is a list of the machines and approximate dates when production started:

  • 1947: Tilt Table Saw replaced with 8" & 10" Tilt Arbor Saws
  • 1949: 6" Joiner
  • 1950: 14" Band Saw
  • 1951: Wood Lathe
  • 1953: 15" Drill Press (floor & bench models)

Some other machines are 20" Jig Saws (belt & motorized direct drive), Saber Saw, and 12" Disc Sander.

In the middle 50s, Lynn sold his interest to Harry. In 1956, Harry built an additional plant in Ligonier, Indiana. The company transitioned to the Ligonier plant by the early 1960s.

On July 8 1977, Harry sold Sprunger Corporation to Dale Fahlbeck of Product Forming Corporation, Elkhart Indiana. In 1981, Dale moved the company to Elkhart Indiana.

In 1984, Sprunger ceased production of power tools.

As far as I know, parts other than standard are not available.

The following persons are deceased:

  • Lynn H. Sprunger
  • Harry L. Sprunger
  • William E. Davis

Comments: Quality, delivery, and service were company goals. It has been over 30 years since these tools were built. While many are still in use, they will be difficult to find.

According to Dale Fahlback, Lynn left Sprunger Brothers after a dispute over the Dual Metal Band Saw (CS-800). Lynn formed Lynn Engineering-Albion Indiana and produced machinery. The exact details of those machines are largely unknown, but there is a 1x42 belt sander in the photo archives.

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