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Steam Traction Engine Manufacturers

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      Here is a listing of steam traction engine manufacturers divided by county of origin.

Dominion of Canada:

John Abell Engine & Machine WorksToronto, ON1881-1902His company was sold, in 1902, to Advance Thresher and the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. , which reorganized it into the American Abell Engine & Thresher Co., Ltd.
American Abell Engine & Thresher Co. Toronto, ON1902-1912-In 1902 the Advance Thresher and the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. jointly purchased the John Abell Engine & Machine Works plant in Toronto and renamed it the American-Abell Engine and Thresher Company Limited
Robert Bell Engine & ThresherSeaforth, ON1901-1928Robert Bell had built at least one portable steam engine (ca 1900's) enlisting the help of John Finlayson who was an experienced carpenter. In 1901 Robert Bell received permission to build the Port Huron Engine & Thresher Company's engines in Seaforth, ON, Canada. A 14 H.P. engine was the first to be built.
F. X. Bertrand Manufacturing Co. St. Hyacinthe, QCca. 1916Canadian industry, commerce, and finance states that this firm manufactured steam traction engines.
John Goodison Thresher Co. Ltd. Sarnia, ON,1904-1922AKA Tunnel City Thresher Works
MacDonald Thresher Co. Ltd. New Hamburg, ON1890's-1931In 1905, arrangements were made to build the Baker steam traction engine in Canada. The Baker engine was manufactured by the A.D. Baker Company of Swanton, Ohio.
New Hamburg Mfg. Co. Ltd. New Hamburg, ON1897-1918Manufacturer of steam traction engines, portable steam engines (ca 1890's) and threshers.
N.C. Peterson & Sons Engine WorksSarnia, ON1884-1901 These engines were of the single cylinder, rear mount, and return flue type.
J.M. Ross, Sons & Co. Ltd.St. Catharines, ON1889-1910 Manufactured the Cornell steam traction engine.
Sawyer-Massey & Co. Ltd.Hamilton, ON1887-1927 This firm also imported Aveling & Porter steam road rollers for sale in Canada.
Waterloo Mfg. Co. Ltd.Waterloo, ON1890-1926 Known as the Lion Brand.
Waterous Engine Works Co.Brantford, ON1881-1911 Manufactured copies of D. June & Co.'s   Champion engines and Buffalo Pitts steam traction engines.
Geo. White & Sons Co.London, ON1890's-1924 White's engines were all simple and were built plain and sturdy, with no fancy fittings.

United Kingdom:

AdamsonDuckinfield, Cheshire, England1858-1859Manufactured Steam Traction Engines 1858-1859.
Allchin & Co.Northhampton, England1879-1930Founded as the William Allchin Ltd.
Allen & SimmondsReading, Berks, England-1909-Manufactured Steam Traction Engines ca 1909.
John Allen & Co.Cowley, Oxford, England-1913-Manufactured Steam Traction Engines ca 1913
Appleby BrothersSouthwark, London, England-1880's-Later moved to East Greenwich, England
Archer & HallGateshead-on-Tyne, England1880's-1890's 
Armitage & RushtonChatteris, Cambridge, England1879-1881 
Armstrong-WhitworthNewcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham, England1923-1926 
Aveling & PorterRochester, Kent, England1856-1928In 1856 Thomas Aveling produced the first steam plough.
Richard Bach & Co.Birmingham, West Midlands, Englandca. 1926Engine and boiler manufacturers, millwrights and general engineers
Barrows & Stewart Banbury, Oxon, England1868-1887Manufactured Steam Traction Engines; Steam thrashing engines; straw and hay elevators.
George BiddellIpswich, Englandca. 1863 
J. W. BoultonAshton-Under-Lyne, Englandca. 1904 
Brown & MayDevizes, Wiltshire, England1864-1912AKA North Wilts Foundry— Steam engines; thrashing machines; elevators; portable granaries.
Charles Burrell & Sons, Ltd. Thetford, Norfolk, England1845-1930Manufactured Portable Steam Engines (ca 1846) and Steam Traction Engines (1856-1930)
Cambridge, Parham, and WebbBristol, Avon, Englandca. 1852Manufactured Steam Traction Engines; Combined vertical engines and boilers; combined double-blast thrashing machines; hay, corn, and straw elevators.
Carrett, Marshal & Co.Leeds, West Yorks, England1861-1866Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
CatleyCatley, York, England1869Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Alexander Chaplin and Co.Glasgow, Scotland1870'sManufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Chillingworth & ThurlowLondon, England1862Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
ClarkeCanterbury, Kent, England1862Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Clayton, Shuttleworth & Co.Lincoln, England1860-1930In 1842 Clayton, Shuttleworth and Co. was established by Joseph Shuttleworth and Nathaniel Clayton at Stamp End Works, Lincoln as an engineering business.
Davey Paxman & Co., Ltd. Colchester, England1880's-1950'sManufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Alfred Dodman & Co. King's Lynn, England1872-1912Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Edwin Foden, Sons & Co., Ltd. Sandbach, Cheshire, England1880-1925Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
William Foster & Co Ltd. Lincoln, England1861-1944This firm made the last Steam Traction Engines in 1942.
G. J. Fowell & Co St Ives, Huntingdonshire, England1876-1923the firm became Joseph Fowell, Son & Co. in 1878, Fowells & Hunt in 1872 and Fowell & Son by 1886.
John Fowler & Co. Leeds, England1869-1937In 1860 Fowler entered into an agreement with Kitson and Hewitson of Hunslet, Leeds, for them to manufacture his steam ploughs. Fowler's Steam Plough Works were built on neighbouring land at Hunslet.
Richard Garrett & Sons Leiston, Suffolk England1860-1932Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Thomas Green & Son Leeds, Yorkshire, England1894-1927Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Hammond and Hussey Croydon, Englandca. 1875Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
R. Hornsby & Sons', Ltd. Grantham, England1864-1918AKA Spittlegate Iron Works. Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
E. Humphries Pershore, Worcestershire, England1850-1900Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Mann & Charlesworth Gainsborough, England1894-1899The company was reorganized as Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Co. in 1899.
Marshall, Sons & Co. Gainsborough, England1878-1934Founded in 1848, this firm merged in 1947 with John Fowler & Co. to become Marshall-Fowler Ltd.
J. & H. McLaren & Co. Leeds, England1878-1936AKA Midland Engine Works. Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, Ltd. Ipswich, England1871-1914Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
Robey & Co. Ltd. Lincoln, England1861-1921Manufactured Steam Traction Engines.
F. Savage King's Lynn, Norfolk, England1857-1913About 864 Traction Engines Built.
W. Tasker & Sons Andover, Hampshire, England1858-1933Formerly Tasker and Fowle, in 1858, the company became Tasker and Sons.
E. R. & F. Turner Ipswich, England1858-1926Founded in 1837 by Walton Turner and two partners as Bond, Turner and Hurwood , the firm manufactured its first steam engine in 1842.
Wallis & Steevens Basingstoke, Hampshire, England1861-1923Founded in 1840 by Richard Wallis. In 1861 Charles Steevens joined the firm and the manufacture of steam engines was developed.
Wantage Engineering Co. Wantage, Englandca. 1900-1904In 1900 both Robinson and Auden of Robinson & Auden Ltd. ,sold their shareholdings to Lord Wantage, who reconstructed the firm as the Wantage Engineering Co.
Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co. Leeds, Yorkshire, England1905-1927The first wagons were produced under the name of the Yorkshire Steam Motor Company.

United States:

Advance Rumely Co. LaPorte, INca. 1853-1931M. & J. Rumely was founded in 1853 by brothers Meinard and John Rumely.
Advance Thresher Co. Battle Creek, MIca. 1881-1917In 1902 this firm and Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. joinly bought John Abell Engine & Machine Works and reorganized it into the American Abell Engine & Thresher Co., Ltd.
American Engine & Electric Co. Bound Brook, NJ1870-1875 
Ames Engine Works Indianapolis, INunknown 
Ames' Iron Works Oswego, NY1854-1919Ames' Iron Works was founded in 1854 by Henry M. Ames when he purchased Talcott & Underhill.
Atlas Engine Works Indianapolis, INca. 1878-ca.1912The Atlas Co. was founded in 1872 or '73 as the Indianapolis Car Works. It was reorganized twice more, once in 1874 as the Atlas Works, and again in 1878 as the Atlas Engine Works.
Aultman Engine & Thresher Co. Cedar Rapids, IAunknownBy August 1907, the Engine & Machinery Co. of Canton, OH had taken over the supplying of parts for Aultman Engines.
C. Aultman & Co.Canton, OHunknownThe C. Aultman & Co. was founded in 1851 by Cornelius Aultman.
Aultman-Taylor Machinery Co.Mansfield, OH1902-1924The earliest mention we have seen of this firm is from 1874, as the Aultman-Taylor Manufacturing Co.
Austin Western Road Machinery Co. Harvey, ILunknown 
Avery Mfg. Co. Peoria, IL1891-1924In September of 1907 The Avery Company was incorporated but fell into receivership in 1924.
A.D. Baker Co. Swanton, OH1890-? A.D. Baker was started by Abner D. Baker
Benicia-Darling Benicia, CA1888-1891 
Best Manufacturing Co. San Leandro, CA1889-1925Merged in 1925 with Holt Mfg. Co. to form the Caterpiller Tractor Co.
Birdsall Engine Co.Penn Yan, NY; Auburn, NY; Newark, NY ca.1881-1914 
Blumentritt Co. New Hartford, MN1878-1900 
Buffalo Pitts Co. Buffalo, NY1851-1916 
Burdett & Webb Bridgeport, OH; New Athens, OHca. 1887 
J. I. Case & Co. Racine, WI1884-1925 
Colean Mfg. Co. Peoria, IL1904-1908 
C. & G. Cooper & Co. Mt. Vernon, OH1875-1887 
Crowell Mfg. Co. Greencastle, PA  
Davidson & Rutledge Ada, OH1877 
Fairbanks Steam Shovel Co. Marion, OH1906-1911 
A. B. Farquhar Co., Ltd. York, PA  
Ferdinand Foundry and Machine Works Ferdinand, IN1880-1941 
Fishkill Landing Machine Co. Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, NY1875-1879 
Frick Co. Waynesboro, PA1880-1887 
Gaar, Scott & Co. Richmond, IN1870-1915 
Geiser Manufacturing Co. Waynesboro, PA1912-1924 
Groton Iron Works Groton, NY1887-1916 
Harrison Machine Works Belleville, IL1880-1931 
Heilman Machine Works Evansville, IN1859-1911 
Holt Mfg. Co. Stockton, CA1898-1925 
Huber Mfg. Co. Marion, OH1885-1923 
Illinois Thresher Co. Sycamore, IL1917-1922 
Byron Jackson Co. San Francisco, CA1891 
D. June & Co. Fremont, OH1875-1905 
Keck-Gonnerman Co. Mt. Vernon, IN1896-1925 
Kelly-Springfield Road Roller Co. Springfield, OH  
Lane & Bodley Cincinnati, OHca. 1876-ca. 1890 
Lang & Button Co. Ithaca, NY1890-1921 
James Leffel & Co. Springfield, OH  
McLaughlin Mfg. Co. San Francisco, CA; San Leandro, CAca. 1880 
Merritt & Kellogg Battle Creek, MIca. 1871 
Messinger Manufacturing Co. Tatamy, PA1889-1890 
Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. Hopkins, MN  
Nichols & Shepard Co. Battle Creek, MI1886-1926 
Northwest Thresher Co. Stillwater, MN1887-1910 
Ohio Engine and Thresher Company Upper Sandusky, OH1889-1902 
Owens, Lane & Dyer Machine Co. Hamilton, OH1873-1890 
Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. Port Huron, MI1890-1925 
Jacob Price Racine, WI1890-1893 
Reeves & Co. Columbus, IN1888-1918 
Roberts & Doan Co. Sacramento, CA1879-1889 
M. Rumely Co. LaPorte, IN  
C. M. Russell & Co. Massillon, OH  
Scheidler & McNamara Newark, OH  
Scheidler Machine Works Newark, OH  
J.O. Spencer, Son & Co. Waterloo, NY  
A. W. Stevens & Son Genoa, NY; Auburn, NY; Marinette, WI1886-1898 
Twentieth Century Mfg. Co. Boynton, PA1905-1915 
Union Iron Works (Ohio) Newark, OH1880-1895 
Watertown Steam Engine Co. Watertown, NY1888-1896 
Westinghouse Co. Schenectady, NY1883-1917 
S.W. Wood. & Son Co. Clyde, NY1881-1926 
Wood, Taber & Morse Eaton, NY1885-1891 

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