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Where Can I Find Old Manuals and other "Dirty Paper"?

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Where can I find machinery manuals, old machinery catalogs and other dirty paper?


Of course the first place to look is on the Old Woodworking Machines web site, where you are at right now. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, there are several people who deal in old manuals, catalogs and such. There is no guarantee they will have what you are looking for but it is always worth a try.

Mr. Dana Martin Batory

Dana Batory is one of the leading collectors and dealers of machinery catalogs that there is. He is also an author who has written the book Vintage Woodworking Machinery: An Illustrated Guide, one of the few books on vintage machinery available. In addition, he has also written many articles related to vintage woodworking machinery which are published in Fine Tool Journal on a quarterly basis. Mr. Batory has an extensive collection of machinery catalogs, manuals and other related documents that he has graciously made available to the public by selling photocopy re-prints at a fair price. Proceeds collected from the sale of his reprints are used to offset the cost in his research efforts.

Mr. Batory has recently given the Old Woodworking Machines web site permission to post his list of publications that he has for sale on our site. The entire 80+ page list is available in PDF format below. The list is nicely organized in alphabetical order by manufacturer and items available. All of the items on the list are available directly from Dana Batory - do not contact the Old Woodworking Machines web site to order. Mr. Batory does not have access to e-mail so you must contact him directly by snail mail.

Woodworking Machinery Catalogs, Manuals, Parts Lists, Company Publications and Texts available from Dana Martin Batory.

You can also order a copy of his catalog list of reprints for $7.50. Upon request, Mr. Batory will look through his master list for you but charges a very fair $2.00 for this service - please send your request with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Dana is not on the net so the only way to correspond with him is through snail mail. Contact Dana Batory at the following address:

Dana Martin Batory 402 E. Bucyrus St. Crestline, OH 44827

Mr. Harold Barker

Harold also has a list of old catalog and manual reprints that you can order for $5.00 (List 1 is the one you want). Unfortunately, Harold's list is not easy to read as it is made using the old "cut and paste" technique - he literally cuts up his old list and paste them back together as he adds new titles. He does, however, have quite an inventory. Mr. Barker does not have an e-mail address so the only way you can correspond with him is by snail mail. He does have an ad on the American Paper and Ephemera Exchange web site but it does not list his inventory - only the different list that you can purchase. You can write to Harold at the following address:

Harold Barker 3108 Klinger Rd. Ada, OH 45810 Harold Barker's website

Machinery Manuals Online

Another online source for old manuals and catalogs. Prices on this site are anything but reasonable. If you are desperate and they have what you want, be willing to fork over some serious cash for a copy of the original.

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