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Crescent Jointers

The exact date of when Crescent introduced jointers to their line of machinery has not currently known. With the company first making band saws around 1897, their production was probably limited to only those machines through 1899, when Crescent built on to their existing factory in order to expand their capacity. The first mention of Crescent jointers currently documented is a 1901 advertisement, simply stating Crescent Jointers, with no information on sizes offered.

1901 Ad

1901 Ad

The earliest catalog currently documented that contains information on Crescent jointers is dated 1903 and in this catalog, 8, 12, 18 and 24 inch models were available. The following documentation contains re-prints of engravings and text from different catalogs and sales brochures in an attempt to chronicle the development of Crescent jointers over the years.

Model Breakdown

Listed below are the different models of Crescent jointers documented in sales literature by type and the year of the catalog the model was seen in. The machine is listed first and then in parentheses, the catalog year that a reference was found to the machine. In cases where it is documented that a particular machine was introduced to the line in a particular year, it is so indicated. This list should provide a rough idea of the time frame that a particular machines was made, however, on machines that do not indicate an introduction year, it was more than likely introduced sometime before the first year stated. For more information on each model, follow the link below:

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