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Top Drum Cover

From Bob Vaughan
belt sander body details:

The pictures below detail Shane Whitlock's cover repaired with body filler
Rockwell Belt Sander Restoration pictures (updated all finished):

Chris Kuehn repaired his with JB Weld and reports that is has held up well
6X48 complete, have an issue:

Before filling, fiberglass can be applied to the inside as reenforcement. A fiberglass repair kit should be available from your local auto parts store.
pictures! Delta 6" Belt 12"DiskSander #31-730 for $100

Fitting Newer Covers

Newer top covers won't usually fit earlier sanders without some modifications being made
6X48 complete, have an issue
Delta 6" x 48" belt sander:

Note also that new/old top covers won't work properly with old/new side covers. The shape of the bump-out where they meet is a different shape. The newer ones have a straighter side to the bump-out.
pictures! Delta 6" Belt 12"DiskSander #31-730 for $100

Side Cover

From Bob Vaughan:

Side cover repair on Shane Whitlock's sander
Rockwell Belt Sander Restoration pictures (updated all finished)
The original metal has been completely cut away. A previous owner has riveted on additional metal and Shane cleaned up the repair with body filler.

An alternate approach by Bob Vaughan.
Delta 6x48 31-730 sander repair details(16 pictures) A couple of holes were punched in the edge of the cover, then the casting was drilled and tapped 10-24 so the side cover would be held on by screws and not the grooves in the dust collection casting.

Lower Drum Cover


The lower drum covers also differ between newer and older sanders. The newer style will not fit older sanders.

See the links section below for Jamie Norwood's solution to the problem.

Deflector Plate

Shane Whitlock's sander was missing the deflector plate{Reference:|Rockwell Belt Sander Restoration pictures (updated all finished)}:

Keith Bohn provided these reference images:

Shane fabricated a deflector plate from 20 gauge paintlock:

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