Delta 6x48 Belt Sander

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6x48 Sander by Martin King

Delta 6x48 Sander by Martin King

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There isn't one, you haven't written it yet. When you put it together, Jayeson Lee-Steere will be more than happy to wikify it, seek out photo permissions, etc. In the mean time, poking around the restoration topics below will yield a few small nuggets of information.

Evaluating Condition

These popular sanders often require more work than is typical of other types of machines.
Non standard parts, machine shop time and some innovation may be required to bring one back to running condition. Some things to look out for are here: Worn drum on 6x48 sander
Rockwell 52-611 Sander Info
Sander question
Delta 6" x 48" belt sander:

Look through the restoration topics below for more details.

Restoration Topics